Cemiyet (Part Four): Not-So-Plain Jane

I haven't done this series in awhile, but it's still alive!

Cemiyet, which means community in Turkish, is a series I started long ago in which I showcase a blogging friend of mine and everything that makes them great. It's also so you all can meet each other and find each other's blogs...because every blog I showcase here is a gem, of course. Without further adieu...

Not-So-Plain Jane

Meet Jane.

See Jane write. See Jane showcase her clothes. See Jane crack hilarious jokes.

Jane is not just a fashion blogger, she is a funny fashion blogger, a rare find indeed! I found Jane's site, What Jane Wore, randomly...so random, in fact, I don't really remember how!

Jane is so friendly, she commented on my blog numerous times, sharing silly You Tube videos and and just conversing with me as if she had known me for years. She's got a down to earth kind of humor, and I find her completely relatable in all her posts. Not only does she talk about fashion, but she slips in a few comments on life in there. I find her to be an excellent writer who produces easy, fun reads. I always enjoy my time on her blog, checkin' out her outfits, and checkin' her out to boot! *whistles*

She's cute, she's fun, she's great to add to any community. Thanks for joining mine, Jane.

You can find her in my side bar under "Jane's Addiction," since I like to rename all your blog titles. heh heh.


  1. OMG *thank* you so much for this shout out!!! This post not only very much surprised me, but made my year. =)

    To add to the blog love, I *adore* your blog as well. I love your aphorism and your openness about stuff going on in your life. It's fun and easy to comment on your posts. ^^

    I know you're going to find a job in Turkey; when I was looking for a job in Asia, it took a bit of time, only because I was looking for a specific type of job, but it was definitely worth it. Have faith! xoxo, Jane.

  2. p.s. That youtube video will be the death of me, as it is now stuck in my head. Again. =D

  3. I am so going to meet your friend Jane right now! :)

  4. aww, i like these posts! off to check out her blog :)

  5. Yay for new blog reads/friends! I'm headed to check out her blog now. Woo Hoo.