Favorite Thing Thursday: Çeşme, Turkey

It was only fitting to put Çeşme in my Favorite Things series. It's one of those places that will forever have a piece of my heart, in all its dazzling beauty.

It was the one "city" in Turkey I knew I could live in, but didn't have much to offer in the way of jobs. If I am ever so lucky to have extra money to kill, I am so buying a summer home in this place!!!

Top: The town; Middle: Shimmering sea all around; Bottom: I loved all the colorful houses by the water!

I was soooo wishing I could sunbathe but it was a little chilly that day. The sand was calling my name!

An old Ottoman Fort, very well in tact.

Inside the Ottoman fort is a museum, full of old cannons, keys, buttons and many artifacts. FASCINATING.

View from top of the fort!

I have so many more pictures of this place, but I won't show my 25 pictures (or so) of the water. Why am I so mesmerized by the water?!? It also killed me to be so close to Greece (a 30 minute ferry ride) and not go...not enough time in the day!

I almost didn't want to advertise Çeşme. Its charm is in its quaintness. Not many foreigners know about it, only Turkish citizens. It gets packed in the summer, so I suppose I shouldn't call it quaint, but it's still oh-so-charming. There's something other-wordly about the idea of laying next to a sea (of this beauty) and seeing Greece in the distance. It is a huge fantasy of mine to hang out for weeks on this beach, writing my days away, exploring ruins, only shedding my bathing suit for my pajamas.

I know I'll come back to it someday.


  1. I agree that we should not advertise Cesme,it is more beautiful when it is silent and local. I wish we could have gone to the other side of Cesme peninsula, Karaburun. It is way more beautiful with unspoiled beaches and 100 % silent all year around :)

  2. That sounds like the ideal life right there... what an amazing place :)

  3. looks really an amazing place!!!....a summer house in such a place would be a dream!

  4. I might invade your secret turf, that looks heavenly!

  5. What an amazing space...I felt a bit of calm just by looking at the pics :)

  6. watchoo gonna do about me redesigning my blog!