Favorite Thing Thursday

These are a few of my favorite things...

1. Going to Motown tribute concerts with my Music Soulmate, Ryan.

If you notice the rest of the crowd, Ryan and I are the youngest there by a considerable amount; which, prompted a cute lil' granny to whisper in my ear "I hope you youngin's are having fun!" Yes, granny...I love me some Motown!!

2. Reading the web site Damn You Auto Correct. CRACKS ME UP EVERYTIME.

3. Living in a new apartment with my "boo." Well, that's our nickname for each other. Her real name is Lainey.

Have you ever had a rommate that you just "jive" with? That's Lainey for me. We're not super neat freaks, but we know when to tidy up. We love watching movies together, not to mention her I Love Lucy collection. When the day is hectic, and I just want to relax and unwind, I know Lainey-boo will be up for a hangout. She's one of my favorite things :)


  1. damn you auto correct it one of the best sites out there! congrats on the new apartment! moving is always exciting!

  2. #2 makes me happy every time... Wait... that doesn't sound right!

  3. i'm so glad your'e in an awesome roomate situation!! and i'd go to that concert!

  4. so glad my phone is too old school for autocorrect. that scares me...

  5. Hi Laney! :)

    Damn, I hateeeee autocorrect, especially when I have to send messages to my boss. Argh!

  6. I love damn you autocorrect too! It sounds like you had fun at the concert :) And wonderful about the great roommate!!!

  7. Just found your blog, this post is so cute and I like how you went to that concert even if you were the youngest couples. Looks like you had a great time and that iPhone convo was So funny. I hate autocorrect. haha

    Definitely following you now

  8. You two look adorable together. Best friends--miss having one.

  9. the picture of you two is so cute! :)


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