Perfectly Acceptable Ashley

It's perfectly acceptable:

  • to consider building a fort with your coworker in order to combat boredom at your job. I swear, we're in our twenties!

  • to concede to the idea that Wetzel's Pretzels may be the death of me. At least I get them unsalted. But then I add jalapeno cheddar sauce...yeah, I know...processed cheese is bad news, but how else am I going to attract a latin lover (with the jalapenos)? Like the way my mind works?

  • to get really excited when I find out a place has Vanilla Coke. Now...I don't usually reach for the soda can. I tend to opt for water (with lemon, yum), especially because I know just how bad soda is for you. But Vanilla Coke, I'm convinced, still has traces of cocaine in it, because when I see it, I HAVE TO HAVE IT. *twitch*

  • to read this Perfectly Acceptable Ashley post thoroughly and then come to the conclusion that I am a sloth and a glutton. Sigh. Two out of Seven Deadly Sins isn't terribly bad. It might even be acceptable.


  1. we still love our slothy and gluttonous ashley!! :)

  2. hahaha, thanks! We're all sinners, right?

  3. This may be my favourite Perfectly Acceptable Ashley yet! Here's to sloth and gluttony!

  4. building a fort will always be great no matter how old you are. at least you have friends who will build one with you. i had some friends who turned their second level living room into a GIANT fort. there were sheets everywhere. it was the coolest thing ever. my dream is to have a fort like they did in community. AAAAH so cool!


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