Dear USA Women's Soccer,

You put forth a great effort, but you left me a little depressed. I feel as though I need some therapy after such a tense, nail-biting game (or a great massage...anyone?).

But I still applaud you.

I applaud you for bringing people together. Especially when I get to talk about traveling with Patrick, the random Swiss dude I met at a cafe down the street. Or when I get to cheer loudly and indecently with a group of complete strangers in that same cafe. We were all there because of you. So, thanks for that.

With love,


P.S. Was I the only one conjuring up images of WWII? We played against Japan...in Germany? What?!? Oh, am I the only one who's not PC, like, ever? Oops.


  1. It is totally okay that you are not PC ever, more than acceptable. Also you're not alone. I am *borderline* ashamed to say that I participated in a challenge to split 50 Chicken McNuggets between three people last night. We were calling them "nugs" and each other "nuhggahs." Things got really, er... NOT PC, really fast. And just as we'd justified our usage of spoof slang as acceptable because of the changed and added letters... we realized we were eating fried chicken, and it started all over again. NOTE: I AM NOT A RACIST, NOR ARE MY FELLOW CHALLEGE PARTNERS!!! I love you.

  2. we're one in the same, "special friend."


  3. No you weren't the only one with that WWII image. I said the same exact same thing last night while watching and hoping and just applauding both teams/countries! :) To me, both teams, and countries respectively, won. I don't like penalty shootings so to me, both teams won, and that WWII now just doesn't seem to go away. ;)

  4. Sport, generally speaking, it's a fabulous way to keep people together..did'you ever saw the movie "INVICTUS" directed by Clint Eastwood (starring Matt Damon and Morgan Freeman) ??

  5. Selma--haha, so I wasn't the only one? Good :) I hate and love penalty shots at the same time. It makes for an entertaining game!

    CB--yes! I have seen it, and you are right. Even through a loss, we came together.

  6. Not un-PC. Now had you talked about the Japan team using "sneak attacks" or attacking our goal with "kamakaze-like intensity," well, yeah, then maybe. What? Am I in trouble now?

  7. I may have mentioned something about kamikaze pilots ;) You are not alone!

  8. I set the recorder, turned off all social media so I wouldn't find out what happened. Watched the whole game to see it end like that. They should have been up by three before the half, but what can you do, the Japanese goalie had their number. And after all that Japan's been through, I really can't be upset at the loss.


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