Living Above the Fantasy

Le Sigh.

I don't know where my head is at these days. What I do know is I've been struggling with the idea of fantasy vs. reality quite a lot recently, a notion I've always thought about since I first saw High Fidelity, my favorite movie ever.

I'd like to think I'm a fairly realistic chick. But every once and again, I get swept up in fantasy.

The fantasy of a far away land, the fantasy that a charming boy can create...I need to remember that they are just that--fantasy.

Reality, what is tangible and in front of me, is what I need to focus on more often. Make your reality ideal, remember? Of course, this is never a simple venture, but I'm up for a challenge!

And so, the last few days I have gone to the beach, walked to neighborhood bars with friends, said yes to going places when someone asks, and have participated in this idea of living more for the moment.

This is all in attempt to make my reality supersede my fantasy.

And because it is fitting, I encourage you to listen to one of my favorite Jay May songs, "Edge of Desire." Totally listening to this right now!

"Young and full of running/tell me where is that taking me/ just a great figure eight/ or a tiny infinity..."

(and while this post is ambiguous, it is still cathartic for me, so forgive the mystery)


  1. When you live life in the moment, it always has more potential to become that fantasy... and mysteries.. hmm

    P.S. I'm alternating between Barcelona and Germany at the moment. My research is in Barcelona (although that's pretty much wrapped up) and I visit the boyfriend in Germany. At this precise moment I'm in Germany. ; )

  2. THANK YOU for clearing that up! :)

    I was so confused...hehe.

  3. ooh saying yes is always the right thing to do! i mean sure some of us need to learn when to say no. but saying yes opens up so many possibilities!!!

  4. Well, never listen to me because I live in the fantasy. It's so much cooler (and easier) than reality. And I can always hope than one day they'll be one in the same. But I *DO* love that scene. :)