Perfectly Acceptable Ashley

It's obviously acceptable...

  • to be proud when my coworkers request that I make the coffee, because I am good at it. Yep, sounds about right. Addicts tend to be very particular about their drugs :)

  • to dance at my desk to "Wanna Be Startin' Something." I know my coworkers LIKE IT. Or um, they have no choice. *hangs head*

  • to find it extremely amusing when you pass by an adult book store with a sign that states, "PARKING IN REAR." Am I a teenage boy or what?


  1. bahaha! Parking in rear... yeah. We can be teenage boys together. :)

  2. Donny was in fact guilty this morning of moving seamlessly from html to turning his keyboard into a piano and getting out a couple of lines of 'Take Up A Course in Happiness' before reality came down.

  3. oh, how i missed your blog.


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