Favorite Thing Thursday

1. Having High School Friends Visit

Andy, who goes by Andres now (so mature!), visited last week from Texas. His first response was, "It's so cold here!" ha! That's because Texas is a boiler room! We had a tremendous amount of fun frequenting wine bars and finding the best California Burrito. Next stop for Andy and me will have to be Vegas (we decided).

2. Coffee Addiction



3. Remembering Aaliyah

When I was 16, I remember thinking Aaliyah was stunningly beautiful and simply fantastic. I'd watch "Are You That Somebody" and "Try Again" on TRL and try to emulate her moves. I even cried when I learned of her death. It's been 10 years (to the very day) since that plane crash and I thought it fitting to include her in my favorite things. 16-year-old Ashley approves.

4. Going to the Adele Concert

This is about the only video I took during the whole Adele concert. I didn't want anything in the way of me soaking in her velvety, gorgeous voice. I've never been so mesmerized by an artist's voice at a concert! If you notice, the audience is pretty silent because everyone just wanted to listen and not ruin the beauty of it. And to top it off, she did a rendition of "Can't Make You Love Me" by Bonnie Rait, which brought me to tears...AND I DON'T CRY IN PUBLIC. Dammit Adele! It was sooooooo damn good.


  1. wow! i've never been to/seen a concert where the audience is so quiet. that is amazing.
    adele is amazing. aaaaaaaaah. i'm so jealous!!!

  2. So where does your vote for best Cali burrito go? My first ever was at Santana's in Pt. Loma and that's been my benchmark. Mmmm, can't wait to be home and grab one somewhere!

    Agree on Aaliyah and Adele. I love that song in general too. Have you heard Bon Iver's version which also has a bit of Bonnie's "Nick of Time"? Also really good.

  3. Well Trujillio's has one of the best, by San Diego State. But I took Andy to Roberto's Very Mexican Food in Torrey Pines. It's where all the surfers go after catching waves :)

  4. Apparently I have a LOT of catching up to do. Have I really been gone that long? If I'm going to lose this much time, life/work and I need to have a big talk. But hey, I told you I'd post something soon. Glad you like the song! I'm kind of jealous of the Adele thing. I don't have her latest, but that first record was great. Which makes me think have I not gotten the second.

  5. donny--I didn't just like the song, I LOVED it. I'm downloading that A.S.A.P.!!!!!

  6. a gorgeous song...it really is the kind of voice that'd put a spell on the audience, making us just shut up and listen, and in your case, weep (i am sure i would too) :D

  7. I love Adele, that's so cool that you saw her live!!! And I agree about the coffee thing, I am exactly the same!

  8. Coffee addiction over here too!

    Omg, I love Bonnie Rait's "Can't Make You Love Me". It would have been amazing to hear Adele cover that. Actually, I'm going to see if that's on Youtube right now...

  9. Hello! Just stumbled upon your blog and instantly liked you when you posted your coffee addiction as one of your favorite things. Mine too :)

  10. And on my goodness, Adele covered Bonnie Rait?? I would have sobbed, I just adore that song. Lucky you!!

  11. Hey Alissa, thanks! And welcome!

  12. ohhhh i would love love to go to an adele concert, for real!