My Plan: Preparing to Pack a Creative Punch...KAPOW!

(I added the KAPOW for effect)

devising sneaky plans...

As you may know, I want to really start utilizing the creative energy that lies within me, before it becomes unused, develops gangrene, dies and permanently leaves my body. I'd like to keep my creative limbs, thanks.

Here are the steps I'm taking to become one creative, round-house kickin', dragon-slaying, fantastically artsy girl!

1. Quit Facebook: Yep, I did it...er...for a little while at least. Inspired by a sermon at my church to fast from distractions, I took *now* as the perfect opportunity to take a hiatus from Facebook, the greatest time waster in the history of human existence. I already don't miss it (uh-oh...will I ever sign-on again?). The energy I used to waste away on FB is now being used to create stuff!

2. Create Something Everyday: This may be hard to accomplish every single day. But I'm going to damn well try. Some days are busier than others, but even if it's a blog post or a silly little drawing, I want to really start exercising those creative muscles...ohhhh, they ache from being dormant for so long!

3. Actually Send My Sh*t Out: I will not fall victim to the negative in my head. I've already been writing, re-writing and tweaking articles that I'm going to actually send to local newspapers and magazines. I expect a lot of NOs. But so what? Why not put myself out there more? It could have an awesome outcome!

4. Get Out of the Apartment: Lazing about the uninspiring surroundings of the familiar won't get the juices flowing. Experiencing life out on the streets, yo, is going to do that for me. I expect to be taking trips to the beach, or the cafe, or anywhere...people watching is a great muse! (shhh...I'm also trying to put together a trip to NYC soon, *if* I can swing it...I gots to try!).

5. Stay Away From the Alcohol: I don't want to become one of those artists. But really, I think I've been drinking a little too often, as a de-stresser from the workplace. So how about I substitute alcohol with art?

I was officially sober for this pic. That's the sad part.

Yes, I believe that covers it for now. I'm in the beginning steps of this lil' plan of mine. I hope to one day dance in all my creative splendor (how do you like that corny analogy?!?). Even if no results are produced from such efforts, it's going to be fun! My little heart is beating with excitement over all the possibilities and paths a creative soul can take! Which way to go? Up, down, sideways or diagonal--let's take them all, beezys.

(Insert inspirational saying here, i.e. "The Future Looks Bright!")


  1. Go get 'em! Lucky you have flexibility with the job so you can get out to parks/beaches/cafes/etc during the week and get some inspiration, so hope you feel like sharing some of your non-blog things that you create. And hey, there's NYC in October when I'm going!

  2. Sounds good! I could abide by some of these as well, especially getting my shit out there. I basically got bored with facebook a couple of years ago... but have just replaced it with blogs. And don't know how to quite those....

  3. Was wondering where that one FB friend went!! HAHA!

  4. I'm so proud of you, Zero! I'm sure that your efforts will only bring positive things your way :) And I totally feel you about the "getting out o the apartment" I find that I do my best brainstorming while I'm at a cafe or some place like that

  5. Yay, love it!!!!! That is so exciting that you are chasing your dreams and being creative :)

  6. I quit FB (kind of). And by quit, I mean I don't log in anymore though I still have an account. I haven't looked back yet!

    I love this list. I have very similar goals (only I can't do #5, hahah). Good luck!

  7. How exciting! Way to take some seriously concrete steps. Very. Cool. Can't wait to see the fruit of all of your creativity. WOo HOO.

  8. Excellent! I love how you have concrete things you've taken out of your time and substituted them for creative things. I need to do the same because I am DESPERATE to get some of these ideas out there but I never seem to be able to find the time. Time to make it!!

  9. sounds like a great plan!! i need your will power to substitute time wasters for creativity. if only i had the strength to get rid of facebook. dang mark zuckerberg and his control!!

  10. Brissa...YOU CAN DO IT! I still don't miss it.

  11. Your plan sounds GREAT! I'm not on FB, I was on it for about 3 days years back and hated it. Good on ya girl!

  12. go ashley! i cant wait to see all of the creative juices flowing out...i've not been on FB much too, apart from posting my blog links... ^_^ i suck at FB-ing...

  13. Yes! Loving the list for creative productivity. I think quitting Facebook would free up so much of my time as well. I need more time for craft projects and sewing :-)

  14. First off, can I say that I am glad you got off of Facebook. Best thing I ever did online(You know I can't stand that site).

    Please continue your art and your articles. Never lose your creativity.

  15. For SERIOUS, ant. And I don't even miss it! That's the funny part.

  16. I may not be able to stop by and drop a comment as often as I'd like, my lovely, but I'm constantly thinking of you!

    Wow, what a lot of resolutions! You know I once read something that I think would be fairly apt advice at this point: when trying to re-invent yourself set reasonable goals and don't try to change everything at once. These are all great things to do (Facebook! Argh! How will I send you silly messages and videos now?! Email :D) but don't necessarily try to blast them all out at once. It can seem a bit too much and you get bogged down beneath all of these new things you're trying to do, which means you don't do any of them and just go back to your old self. Incredibly frustrating for you.

    Take it slow, tackle one thing at a time and conquer them all =)

    Love you, love your art, love your creativity. You are a writer, Ash - continue to create.


  17. haha thanks Jax! This is sound advice.

    And you know I'll be on facebook again someday :D But the whole point was to teach myself to ween off of it. It was becoming WAY too much a part of my life. Love you much and we need to skype soon!

  18. good luck miss ashley, i expect to hear some great things coming out of you!!!
    did i write you back on being in switzerland and how long after your question a gazillion ages ago? i want to be here forever!!! but who knows :)

  19. Very inspirational. Your writing will only improve. Being around people can only enhance your creativity. You should start your own Algonquin Round Table of other creative types. Maybe together you can push each other to greater heights.

    I would quit facebook, but I'm afraid I'd just spend the extra time eating Three Musketeers bars and watching cartoons. Not a pretty sight.


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