My All Time, Top 5: Where to Next?

Traveling. My addiction and quite possibly the death of me. But no, that's not right. Why should I label something that I absolutely love with such negative connotations? I know deep down that traveling is actually the life of me.

Since I've gotten back from Turkey, I've been trying to get the root of why I love traveling. Do I use it as an escape from the everyday mundane? Do I fantasize too often about it? Do I think too highly of it?

Maybe. But one thing I know for sure is that it's my most ardent passion. So I will stop trying to disprove my love for seeing, discovering and uncovering the globe; instead, I'll embrace it. And with that...

I give you the Top 5 places I'm itching/dying/slobbering to go see, I'll try to hit them all up before the actual death of me:

5. Thailand

Can I go here NOW? PLEASE??? All I have to say is that I'm obsessed with that water. There's a magic dust floating in Thai air--I'm convinced--and I'm really wanting to breathe it all in.

4. Prague

I have a thing for architectural brilliance. I'm certain I would have some type of orgasm over the genius that is Czech architecture. I can't wait to stare, dumbfounded, with my camera in tow, taking in the views of all the buildings.

3. Singapore

Is this some kind of city of the future? I've seen the floating soccer field in pictures...can I go to a game there, please? And gosh, this is one of those cities I really want to experience at night.

2. Australia

I don't know why, but I am so intrigued by the plane in this shot. Part of me is dying to be a passenger on it, peering out the freakishly small window, trying to get a glimpse of my next adventure (but seriously, can't they make bigger windows?!? Leaves me so unsatisfied). AND LOOK AT THIS SCENERY. I don't think I have to say much about Australia, except that I find the people deliciously quirky and lovable (the Australians I've met in the U.S., that is).

1½. Malta
WOWWWWWWWWW. My jaw is actually agape at this very moment. No words. The way I'm staring at this picture is the way one would stare at their lover.

1. Italy

This is my number one. Mi Amore. Which is why I'm planning a trip here A.S.A.P. (next summer, hopefully). Cause frankly, I've been wanting to go here since I first stuffed my face with spaghetti in my high chair. I know I'm gonna eat up Florence. Can't Wait!

Alright, so I cheated and did more than a Top 5. But really, a Top 60 would be more accurate!


  1. okay, i just wanted to go for the food, but thailand looks GORGEOUS!!! i'm totally in now. actually all of these places, i want to go to all of them. if only i had a million dollars and a billion hours of free time.

  2. Okay. So I have to say this, because it was the first thing that entered my mind when I saw it.

    "Clearly you've never been to Singapore."

  3. Hehe, I've been to Prague and Australia.... I feel so superior now! ; D Although I've never been to Turkey...

    The problem with a lot of these places unfortunately is the tourists. In Florence it's impossible to move for Americans. They. are. everywhere. In fact, my sister and I got to skip a two hour museum queue on the strength of not being American, so I would start sewing those little Canadian flags to your backpack!

  4. hahaha. Yeah, Americans are in love with Italy :) I'm no different.

    And hey, Em, I'll be your tour guide in turkey! They like Americans and Canadians!

  5. Loooove Italy!!!! great choices!!!!

  6. ok, i know this is not on the list...but HONG KONG!

  7. I wanna go there too...especially because of all your pictures!!!

  8. Let's go to Singapore and Malta, and Australia right now!!!

  9. Don't go to Malta for longer than a day or two. Not my favorite, but Italy definitely is! I love Rome, but Naples and the coast there are also dreamy, as is Tuscany (oh, the smells!), Cinque Terre... so beautiful and Venice, with the beaches around. And don't get me started on the food!

  10. Italy is my current number one right now too!! If only I had money I would join you next year lol. I'm REALLY crossing my fingers for 2013 though.

  11. Re: Malta - "The way I'm staring at this picture is the way one would stare at their lover."

    So is that the same look you'd give, say, JT or Adam? ;)

    Anyways - nice shots you've chosen and good choices!


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