Perfectly Acceptable Ashley

It's so very acceptable:

  • to say, "The Cure, The Smiths and Morrisey all sound eerily alike!" To which my coworker replied, "You know Morrisey is the lead singer of The Smiths, right?" Ohhhhhhhhhh...lightbulb! Shows how much I know about my 80s music. I'm a Motown girl, anyway. (Although, when I'm in the right mood, the Smiths are perfecto).

  • to proclaim this truth: that smart phones are OFFCIALLY making the world dumber, socially inept and increasingly impolite.

  • to want to have a modern-day bra burning. Not for any political reasons, but because this damn bra is bugging the hell out of me right now. And fire is awesome.

  • for your friends to conclude that you are a typical Turkish warrior always trying to take over the world. This was decided from my fascination with swords and those weapons that you swing around in the air that have spiky balls. Btw, it's totally acceptable to describe a weapon as "the one with the spiky balls."

And hey, my friend Ryan was inspired by me (awesome) and started his own series similar to my Perfectly Acceptable Ashley. Don't mind me, I'm a trendsetter and all :)


  1. I think this is the only time we will disagree but #1 is not acceptable at ALL, lol!!

  2. Hahaha, totally agree with the last one. ;) I even complained two days ago when I was having Doner Kebab (yeah I know) and the guy asks "how was it", me "not what I expected!" he "so, it was better than expected" me "absolutely not, it's not even the real thing..."...etc etc so I felt like I was defending the world that day. LOL Including swords (knife and fork!). LOL

    Happy Tuesday.

  3. Emily Jane--I'm sorrrrrrrry! :)

    Selma--that's right! You are another Turkish warrior that will join my army. YES!

  4. Hehe, another great entry. I think you must be one of this generations great characters, Ashley. : )

  5. i'm proud to say i loved the smith's before "500 days of summer" came out and EVERYONE became obsessed with them. and yes, smart phones are making people dumb. this one girl touched the television because she thought it was a touch-screen. i promise this girl was not me.

  6. Emily--YOU FLATTER ME :) :) :)

    Brissa--When it comes to 80s, I don't profess to know much about names and such. I did know who the smiths were before 500 days of summer, however, I never made the connection between Morrisey and The Smiths. haaaaaa. Oops.

  7. Oh my gosh, I completely agree about the smartphones. And yet I cannot live without mine. I will affirm your Turkish warriorness :) I just found out this weekend actually that although my family is Armenian, they didn't actually live in Armenia like I always thought (immigrated to the US a million years ago). Nope, they lived in Turkey. So, woo for Turkey :)

  8. My Turkish Army is going to be 10 MILLION STRONG. YESSSSSSS!!!!

  9. Or, er, 60 million strong because that's the population of Turkey. ha.

  10. I'm afraid Rob's gotta come out on this one. It is most definitely not acceptable to think any one of those three sound the same (yes, even Morrissey v his Smiths years). ... Top 5 crimes perpetrated by Perfectly Acceptable Ashley ... :D

  11. hahahaha...sorry Rob Gordon! All mighty music guru!

  12. Maybe if you altered #1 to say 'to the untrained and not really listening ear, they sound alike', you'd get some credit for it. I honestly have no idea who these people are, but I believe you. :)

    It's also perfectly acceptable to refuse to accept societal notions of worth and stand firmly by your own notions of your own worth. I may or may not have written about that this morning...


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