A Day in a French Cafe (In San Diego)

Just like I love seeing a day in the life where all of you fine people are, I also love sharing a day in my life.

In lieu of the fact that I can't be visiting France every month, how convenient is it to have our own mock French cafes in San Diego? It makes me mighty happy. So without further ado (how do you like that spelling, Emily?), I give you pictures:



I'm always in a tremendously good mood when I get to wear my favorite red dress. So much so that it was completely appropriate to pose on the street corner like a little tart!




Lavender lemonade really is a little piece of heaven on earth...hmmm...must find out how to make a homemade recipe. I'm sure it's embarrassingly simple to make!






The last couple pictures were taken in the dressing room of a little boutique, where I succumbed to buying an overpriced room spray called "An Afternoon in Versailles," because it smelled so good, and I love Versailles so much!

You gotta love French-inspired days...


  1. Hmmmm, looks yummy!! Love the red dress, too. :)

    Happy weekend.

  2. This post makes me super hungry for whatever the heck that is.

  3. cafe chloe right??!? LOOKS AMAZING. Ive only been there for dinner and it felt a bit like downtown posh dining scene...but LUNCH looks like just my kind of thing :) BTW, you and your red dress look all kinds of lovely :)

  4. Ryan--well some kind of hanger steak, and my dish was brunch actually--a fried egg and ham with gruyere cheese, on some type of bread. UM it was delicious!

    Meeshelle- yep! Cafe Chloe. It's great for lunch! :) And thanks!

  5. That is an adorable dress! For realz.

  6. That menu needs more bacon in it.

  7. This comment has been removed by the author.

  8. Whoops, sorry for the double comment. I guess the menu needs TWICE THE BACON. I'll stop hogging the comment section now.

    *rides off into the sunset

  9. you look perfect in the red dress and oh yes please...recipe for the lavender lemonade...

  10. It looks like such an amazing day out! I have never heard of lavender lemonade before, it looks delicious :) And gorgeous red dress!

  11. i love your dress! so stylish. and that lemonade looks amazing. actually, your little french corner in san diego looks amazing.
    and weekend trips to france would be amazing. like a dream. i can't wait until my life is like that.

  12. oh, and yes...i'm a journalist major. we're like twinz.

  13. Oooh that sounds like a wonderful time. And I LOVE your red dress! I wish I could borrow it... I have a photoshoot tomorrow that has to be in a red dress and it's not as nice as yours :)

  14. Oh, I like that spelling, even if I'm late to the party! And I like French cafes whatever their nationality!


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