Made You Laugh

Just a compilation of pictures that may or may not amuse you...from the archives of my everyday life...

Does my fortune know something about my sexuality that I don't?

Weapons. On the wall of a bar. Somehow I think this may be a bad idea. Note: they are medieval torture weapons.

Little Gnome Dude is sort of freaky.

Signs like this just make me laugh. ZAP!

PETA: People Eating Tasty Animals

This is an actual interior of a car. That little chain thingy on the left? The steering wheel.

Proof that too much wine may kill you :)

I found Quail Man on Halloween!!

It's a fun day when Domo shows up on your computer (drawn unbeknown to me by a coworker's boyfriend)

The best kind.

Hmmm...I may make this a series on my blog. Cause it's really easy to find crap like this everyday!


  1. Love the first picture. Is there something we need to know about? ;)

  2. It's like a disco ball exploded in that car.

  3. Haha this is the coolest post! The fortune cracked me up, and that car is crazy!

    Oh and the article was for the online feminist mag I write for called 'lip' :) Thank you for your comment!

  4. Hahah, that fortune was pretty funny. It appears that only single straight men and lesbians eat Chinese food.

  5. Oh do make it a series!

    Ha ha ha- the weapons on the wall. So random :)

    This post made me smile x

  6. Good luck with the wife. Get one who can talk her way out of speeding tickets.

  7. I love this. week before last I was having dinner with the wife and my fortune told me of a new romance. HA.