Perfectly Acceptable Ashley

It's sooooo acceptable:

  • To snicker when I notice girls struggling to walk in ridiculous heels. Listen, chick-a-dee, that ain't natural. It's no wonder you can barely walk.

  • to take whip cream shots. You know, right out of the canister. Suddenly I feel like a third-grader.

  • to love facial hair on men. Am I the only one? It's just...so...manly. Men...start a revolution! Grow out that awesome facial hair! *wink*

  • to adore this:


  1. RE: 1 - My fave has been seeing girls in ridiculous heels making their way down the steps of Cox Arena for a concert. I feel bad for wanting to see them totally eat it...

    Re: 2 - I thought you meant shots of whipped cream flavored vodka at first... definitely not something for a third grader.

  2. haha that's the best!!!
    and i love the facial hair, mark has it but i make him keep shorter and scruffy, not ok when kissing if it's too long!

  3. I laugh at girls in heels too :p It's so ridiculous and so many girls wear them to uni! And whipped cream shots are the best.

  4. Oh and I haven't watched the video! I don't have sound at work but I'll much sure I watch it when I get home, it looks hilarious!

  5. Marilyn Monroe once said "I don't know who invented high heels, but all women owe him a lot."

    It seemed relevant.

    I haven't shaved in three days. Manly? In my case, it looks more like Assistant (to the) Regional Manager.

  6. I'm so with you on the facial hair! I actually prefer the scruffiness to the clean-shaven look on my bf. Some men just wear it well.

  7. Snickering along! Also, might have to send the one about the wine to my mom... : D

  8. i meant to comment on this forEVER ago but i swear i don't have time for anything anymore.
    i LOVE this. especially those silly girls trying to walk in heels. what i don't understand are the girls who hike up to campus in four-inch heels. how are their feet not dead?!?!

  9. James wants to grow a beard during hockey playoffs later this spring. Not looking forward to it. I dislike facial hair, but I guess I'll let him try it. haha.