Favorite Thing Thursday:

What started out as writing about my favorite things has become a gratitude list of sorts. It's all a good reminder for me that life is brilliant, and you've got to get your head out of the sand to notice the brilliance of it all.

Here are a few of my favorite things...

1. Learning new languages

So excited! My Turkish class starts tonight! And really, I think learning new languages should be implemented early on in American schools (think elementary school). We are far behind other countries in this realm. I often meet people from other countries that speak 3 different languages. And I speak...um...one. Yeahhhhhhh. Let's fix that!

2. Halloween!

I went for a sort of china doll costume.

My dress was found in a thrift store, and is originally from the 60s. Lainey is dressed as a sweet lil' gypsy.

Our friend Henry met up with us. Notice the soap on the rope he's carrying around? I took the liberty of stealing that soap and throwing it on the ground all throughout the night. I'm amused by simple things.

3. Finding Robots in Everyday Life

Another robot soldier I can recruit to help me take over the world and implement my evil plan...I mean, what?


  1. i agree with the foreign language in elementary school. GOOD LUCK with your first day of class!! "don't drop the soap. don't drop the soap." hahahaha. you rock.

  2. "Oh baby, just you shut your mouth."

  3. We definitely should be learning other languages early on! It's the same in Australia, which is weird because we're such a multicultural country. Your costume is so cute! I may have to steal that idea next year :) Enjoy your first class!

  4. Love the costume and good luck with Turkish!!

  5. nice photos <3

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  6. What a cute costume! And it looks like something you can wear for other types of occasions too. I always prefer my costumes to be clothes that I can wear in my everyday life or, at least, on another occasion or two.

  7. I love your blog 'cause I love your positive life philosophy! Life is brilliant!
    and love your china doll costume too! ;)

  8. Love your costume...and how was the class? I'm eager to know, heck I need to know. :)


  9. Throwing the soap on a rope. Classic. I love you.

  10. Yay for turkish! And I love your costume!

  11. Hear hear for Turkish class! How did it go? Even in Canada our language skills are pathetic... my French is truly frightening after 11 years... the worst is when English speakers feel they shouldn't have to learn any other languages though.

    My boyfriend is one of those annoying trilingual people. Annoying.