Quote of the Day:

"Whenever I blame someone else for the problems in my life, I consequently make myself powerless to change or fix that problem. As long as I think the problem is outside of me, I've abdicated any possibility that I can make that situation better...there is nothing more powerful than taking personal responsibility for your life." --Erwin McManus

We must take ownership of our lives and recognize our part in the problem, so that we can make a change. I love, love, love this quote.

And with that...have a smashing Thanksgiving, all!


  1. ooo love that quote, so good for so many situations!
    happy thanksgiving!!

  2. What an amazing quote!
    Happy Thanksgiving girl.


  3. Happy Thanksgiving lady! Don't let thoughts of responsability etc. spoil your turkey!

  4. That is such a good quote, and definitely one I try to lie by. Though it can be hard sometimes! Have an amazing thanksgiving :)

  5. Such a great quote.
    Happy Turkey day, lady. Hope you have a terrific holiday.


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