Still Believing the Best in People (Despite the Not-So-Great Days)

Oh man. It's a bad day when you realize who's a true friend and who's not.

I get it. That's life. Not everyone is genuine. Not everyone cares.

There are days when I still feel too naive for my age. I always believe the very best in people. So stupid, Ash...

...Cause here I am, feeling dumb. Too often I trust in people who speak beautiful things, but who can never back that up with beautiful actions. Is my judge of character off, or something? But I will go ahead and say that I'm not dumb. I never had ill-intentions, and I never told half-truths. My sincerity is in tact. I am still that genuine being I strive to be.

I just want to say, without complication, that this hurts. In the end, I've still lost a friend that I thought would be a friend for a lifetime.

And so, it's time to just let go...


  1. You always have the ability to post exactly what I've always thought.

  2. You are not stupid. Believing the best in people is what makes you who you are. It's an incredible quality that not many people nowadays.
    I'm sorry it hurts. Cutting ties and letting go is never fun but you can make it through this. You are a genuine person and that shines.
    I'm here if you need to talk.

  3. Brissa's right. Don't lose that trusting quality. So few people have it now. We're all so jaded.

    Plus, don't forget, people fail each other. You will never have a friend, a parent, a partner, who doesn't fail you at some time, and you inevitably will fail your friends, parents, partners in some way. The question is whether this person simply made a mistake that you can forgive, or instead revealed a different character than they previously displayed. So that they deceived you. Only you can know.

    Geez, its like I'm on The View....

  4. I think I'm quite like you - I always believe the best in people. But the bonus of that is despite the fact that this may hurt now, there will be new friends who will find you because of your sincerity.

    I'm sorry about the lost friendship - take your time to mourn it. That's really important.

  5. Ah, bummer. I don't know why it feels so personal when people disappoint, but it does. You've got the right idea, though--don't lose your faith in people.

  6. Awwww, sending you hugs over!!!! Sorry you lost a friend, and I hate when that happens. :( Really, consider yourself hugged girl. You deserve to be hugged!!!!

  7. I ve been there and I get so hurt! The best thing is to try to let it go and focus on the good people in your life!

  8. Sorry to hear you've been burned by someone you thought was close. :( I think we've all been there at some point, but I like what Chris says above - we will all in our own ways fail each other, whether big or small, unintentionally or otherwise. But there's only One who will never fail us, and I think as long as we keep that in sight and strive to be that way as best we can, we'll all make it through.