Raiding My Mom's Closet

The little snoop that I am, I was going through my mom's dresser drawers and closet about a week ago when I stumbled across some of her old threads!

Whether you like to call 'em old, retro, or vintage, I love finding garments from decades past. It really goes without saying that most clothes from the past were made better than the sweat-shopped clothes we find today (that tend to fall apart in a couple years time, it seems).

Also, my mama had style! (Refer to picture below).



She was quite glamourous, no?(Also, that's my dad, see the resemblance?)

I was happy to find out that I could fit in my mom's old clothes, so I begged her to have them. Two new editions to my closet!

It's funny because these sweaters have come back in full force!

A wavy ring that belonged to my American grandmother.

A necklace (with a picture of my sister and I--we are 20 years apart) from my Turkish grandmother.

Photo on 2011-11-02 at 11.18
A shirt with cute detail that I often wear to work. My boss asked if I had made it cause the stitching was so good. Nah, clothes were just better back in the day!

The awesome part: I didn't have to pay a cent for any of these great new items! Score!


  1. love! that is awesome...especially the jewelry because i love vintage jewelry...
    and oh gosh, they speak swiss german, romanisch, italian and french, depending on where you are...it's crazy! not high german though! well, they will speak it to you if you want them too..but everything written is in german. good times!

  2. You look beautiful in that sweater picture. :)

  3. Aww taking your moms old duds is so sweet. I love that sweater too! What a sweet way to recycle clothes.

  4. i love stuff like that. i have so many turkish and swiss pieces i simply adore and won't ever throw or give away. ever. they are special and so unique!!!!

  5. That is so so cool!!! They are absolutely gorgeous, how lucky that your mum let you have them :) You look so pretty in the pics. And the vintage photos are great, you parents are stunning!

  6. Awesome that you value your family and family history so much. You very much favor your Dad. Your mother looks very beautiful in that photo with your Dad.

  7. That's awesome. I wish I could fit into my mother's and grandmother's clothes, but we all are so different in size! Anyway, you look fantastic!

  8. cuute!! i love the last top the most. the little details are adorable. they really don't make clothes like they used to. you're lucky your mom still has some of her old stuff and you get to keep it!!

  9. Cute! You really do look like your dad! It's kinda crazy how these retro pieces are still timeless and fashionable!