Tis the Season to Decorate (And Sing "Deck Da Club")

Simply, decorating with ridiculous tinsel, garland, twinkling "epilepsy" lights (as I like to call them), and evergreen trees in your living room is a load of freakin' fun...

Or as Jim Gaffigan likes to call it, "The behavior of a drunk man."

For some reason the holiday season is an excuse for me to use more candles without looking like I'm trying to have a séance.
Tinsel and Tree!!

Poor Churro is wondering where the heck his dignity and manhood has gone.

All the while my roomie and I blasted A Very She & Him Christmas, *NSYNC's Home For Christmas, oh...and this:

Merry Christmas, peeps.


  1. Love the decorations! So festive!

  2. "What do eggs have to do with Jesus?"

    "Alright, we'll hide em!"

    "But... that doesn't make any sense?"

    "Don't worry, there's a bunny."

    I love you. We need to watch that together again sometime soon. I forgot how funny it is!

  3. Yankee candles and Christmas trees- LOVE! XX Happy December XX

  4. Aw, Churro! What a cute name, haha.

  5. I love your decorations, your tree is fantastic! Christmas is the best :)

  6. *nysnc makes christmas so much better. i love your reasoning to use candles and not have it look like a seance because it's christmas.
    you're the greatest.