The One About My Hometown

I spend so much time posting on traveling, that I don't think I've ever posted on San Diego. I think it's time to showcase my hometown:


We might have one of the best skylines EVER. Just sayin'...


Chillin' on the ferry that takes you from the beautiful Coronado Island to Downtown SD.


We have approximately 4 military bases in San Diego, so you're bound to see ships and planes about the city.


One of my fave hangouts...Little Italy has fantastic Italian food and art.


Del Mar (northern county of San Diego) has one of the oldest racetracks in the country. It's quite fun to go to the yearly races and dress in big hats while gambling.


La Jolla Cove is pure beauty!


Hanging out in Encinitas where all the surfers go :)


Palm trees in Cali = classic.


There is an annual December Nights Festival where the museums are free and everything is decorated in pretty lights!


Awed by nature!

We have some of the best Mexican food in the country. That's what you get for being a border town!

I think I've made my case in showing you San Diego's beauty. Sometimes I'm worried that San Diego is turning into another LA: it's becoming overcrowded, the traffic is getting unbearable and all open spaces are starting to fill up with buildings, complexes and more buildings. Hmmm...

I still love it so. This is the city I was born in! It will always be my home.

If you're planning on visiting California, I'd urge you to skip LA (or just spend one day there), but make stops in San Francisco, Santa Barbara, and of course, Sunny San Diego.


  1. Seriously girl, you live in one of the greatest cities in the U.S.! Although, so do I...but I used to go to SD every Sunday when I lived in L.A. and I want to come back next time I visit So Cal!

  2. i love palm trees. did i tell you i was born in san diego? we're basically sd soulmates.

  3. San Diego looks so beautiful. I would love to visit sometime.

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  4. San Diego is my home too! Love it! And ditto on the L.A. advice. San Francisco is my favorite - but that's my original home. :)

  5. you've been totally leaving it out :(

  6. I've been once. It was during a heat wave-got up to the upper 90s every day. I was dying. Stupidly tried to run 10 miles in the morning on a trail by Mission Bay and Sea World. Quickly turned into a Death March. Balboa Park, La Jolla, Gaslight District, SD Zoo, and Coronado were pretty awesome, though, again, it was WAY hot. Only place that was semi-tolerable was the Point Loma Lighthouse, which was really nice. Don't mean to be such a big bitch about it. The SD is a great town. I want to come back when its not 96 degrees every day.

  7. Ehh I'm not big on the San Diego skyline. Although it IS much better than Albany's...and your weather is a lot nicer too...

  8. Well you just say that because Chicago's skyline probably blows it away. So, I concede.

  9. If we ever visit CA, I'm totally posting that on the blog and around the blogosphere so that I can finally MEET all these cool peeps who have graciously allowed me to look into their lives.

  10. It looks so beautiful there!!! I never knew much about it before, but if I make a trip to the US I'll definitely be stopping past :)

  11. I'd love to visit SD! I've never been.

  12. I'm sad that when I went to CA, I never got to see SD or SF. Dying to go!

  13. This post!!!! Makes me wonder why I ever left!!!