A Very Socially Conscious Christmas

Some of you may have already finished your Christmas shopping (good for you!). But if not, I have a few ideas of where to get gifts and give back at the same time:

isanctuary is selling jewelry in support of stopping human trafficking. This is how it works: women who used to be in the human trafficking system are now given jobs with this nonprofit, and given their freedom from the chains that once bound them. I bought a pretty bracelet for my sister through their site, and it came with a note about the wonderful woman who made it (it actually made me tear up). The jewelry is well-made (I can vouch for that). So head on over and check out goods for a good cause!


Ahhh...ONE. I will always be fond of this charity because it prompted Adam Levine to point at me from the stage at a Maroon 5 Concert (I cherish that day!). While ONE gets a lot of attention, it's still a great cause to support as its focus is to stop the AIDS epidemic in Africa. So why not buy a grocery bag from them and give it as a present to your green-friendly friend?


I have a major soft spot for the homeless. We give so many frivolous gifts to one another (which can be fun), why not also give a gift to someone who needs it? It's so easy to organize your own group to go out and feed the homeless...it's as simple as making a big batch of spaghetti! If you are not comfortable with feeding the homeless, you can even donate to such charities as Everyone Deserves A Roof. There is NO feeling like giving to someone who TRULY needs it.

After buying/giving said gifts, eat some cookies and give yourself a pat on the back for making Santa's Good List...you deserve it!


  1. Ha, you make me feel bad for running away from the charity mugger (chugger) guys this afternoon. Might have to check some stuff out for one of my sisters... although I think her degree in Human Rights kind of burnt her out with the whole thing!

  2. This is great, you have definitely captured the true meaning of Christmas in this post. I tend to forget about all of the people in need at this time of year, I'll really have to make more of an effort.

    Have a great Christmas!

  3. what a great idea! the thought of giving and giving back is genius. i don't know why more people don't do this, especially since it embodies the spirit of christmas.

  4. good ideas! my sis in law who served in africa would like the bag i think!

  5. A friend of mine has close ties with iSanctuary and held a gift event at her house a few weeks back for peeps to buy Christmas presents. At our Sneaky Santa gift exchange last night, I think all the girls got something from there. Props for this blog and promoting these types of gifts!!!

  6. This will sound SO patronizing, so apologies in advance. But I marvel at how much more socially conscious and oriented your generation is than mine. The Boomers were the most selfish punks and brats of all time, so the comparison is a bit skewed. But today's twentysomethings seem to take it as a given that they should do some sort of community service (BEFORE getting nailed in possession), and take community concerns into account in their daily lifestyle (e.g. buy local, buy non-sweatshop goods). They raise money for charities, they volunteer in record numbers. My generation just did blow and cheated on our spouses. I think you set an excellent example of what I just described. Good show!

  7. haha, doesn't seem too patronizing :)

    Thanks Chris!

  8. And this...

    "My generation just did blow and cheated on our spouses."

    ...cracked me up!!!!

  9. This is an amazing.post. I'm totally getting bracelets from isanctuary and telling everyone about.it. thanks for.this.