Favorite Thing Thursday

These are a few of my favorite thingggggs!

1. The Michael Jackson Cirque De Soleil Show

I was blown AWAY by this show. An adequate mix of dancing, acrobatics and well-placed lights kept me highly entertained and in awe. Fantastic! Also, if you're a big fan of MJ, this is a spectacular tribute to the late, grate moonwalker. J'adore!

2. Pie


Pie > Cake.

3. Pre-Parties

Pre-parties (in hotel rooms) are the most frivilous fun you will ever have :)


  1. eeeeeeeh. cake is pretty good. i mean, pie is amazing, but cake is just mmmmmm.

  2. ok...now I feel like I want a cake! or a pie! love both!
    very nice video! ;)

  3. Pie wins. Now, this is an important subject and I'm glad you raised it.

    Best pie: 1. Chocolate pecan. 2. Coconut meringue (like Mary Ann made for Gilligan). 3. Pumpkin (ESPN's lead NFL draft analyst Mel Kiper eats pumpkin pie for breakfast every day...true story). 4. Sweet potato.

    Honorable mention: Frito Pie. Technically not pie, but so good it demands respect.

    Worst pie: 1. kidney. 2. Rhubarb. 3. Mincemeat.


  4. You basically hate english pies :)

    I have not had Frito Pie, dare I ask?


    Ok, frito pie is chili (no beans, the way God intended) poured over a big mess of Fritos, topped with cheddar cheese. Some people also include onions and/or sour cream, but these people are wrong and probably support the Taliban.

  6. Oh, some people use jalapenos too. They are also wrong, though not as grievously as the sourcream/onion crowd.

  7. Pie is indeed greater than cake. AND there's never a bad time for pie.