Gee Ashley, You're a Smooth Talker

(a.k.a., I know how to make fun of myself)

It was Saturday night, and my roommate Lainey and I hailed a cab to go to Carnavale in Little Italy (a Venetian festival). There were some rain clouds looming overhead, and Lainey worriedly said, "Oh man, I hope it doesn't rain...I spent all this time on my hair!"

So of course I took that opportunity to blast Lainey (in jest), and be a pain in the ass, and replied," Lainey, there are CHILDREN IN ETHIOPIA worrying about what they are going to have for supper, and you're worrying about your hair!"

She giggled and said, "You're right, you're right..."

So we continued our conversation, also including the cab driver, when I finally asked him, "Oh...and where are you from?"

"I'm from Ethiopia," he said with a knowing smile, "and I heard you talking about my country."

I turned bright red, mumbled something about being a "stupid American" and busted up laughing with Lainey, to which Lainey pointed out that that's what I get for making fun of her.

What are the chances?!

Lesson learned.


  1. Awk-ward! Sounds like something I'd do too...

  2. Yikes. Sounds like he was pleasant about it though. :)

  3. haahahaha by the way I love the your new Iznik tiles background ;)

  4. I rarely have a day in which I do not embarrass myself like this.

  5. "There are people in San Diego who NEVER get to eat barbecue, so stop complaining and finish your brisket!"