Blogiversary: That Time I Met Lance Bass

Seven years ago today I started my blog. SEVEN. Seeing as I'm not getting rid of my blog anytime soon, and I'm tired of doing the usual blogiversary post, I've decided to start a tradition: With each year's blogiversary post, I will reminisce on one event from my past since the creation of my blog.

This year, I've decided to rehatch something I'm both proud and even a little geeky over:

That Time I Met Lance Bass

It was fall 2007, my last year at San Diego State University, and I had a tough decision to make: either go to my Broadcast Journalism class and be guaranteed an A (the professor was big on attendance), or skip class to go to a Lance Bass book signing. Looking back, I chose the enlightened path.

After a short road trip to Los Angeles we came upon The Grove, to the Barnes and Noble where Lance would show up. To even get into the event, I was forced to buy Lance's book, the oh-so-cleverly titled Out of Sync, a memoir about his journey coming out of the closet. Not the most mind-blowing writing, but I digress...

The crowd was an amusing blend of old *NSYNC fans and gay supporters; thus, the estrogen was high in this place. And then, Lance emerged, accompanied by shrieks and my dear friend Ali hyperventalating in the background (Lance was always her absolute favorite, give the girl a break).

Ali had practiced a whole speech, in where she would calmly and aloofly express her deep admiration for her favorite *NSYNCER, but all that came out of her mouth was, "I love you, canihavahug?"

Heh. I still joke with Ali about that day.

Was meeting Lance bass worth the B in my journalism class? YES!

Here's to another year of embarrassing, blog-worthy moments...


  1. I love you. (Canihaveahug)

    That is all.

  2. Such a cute story! I think it's hilarious you ditched class to meet Lance. ;) I was always a Justin girl, myself.

  3. Lance Bass was my favorite NSYNC'er, too! You definitely made the right choice by skipping that class. ;)

  4. HAHAHAHHHH. I miss NSync, and now I have my own version of crazy celeb idolism and I'm wondering what i'd do if i get to meet him...i'd probably do the same with ali if not worse ;)

  5. hahahaha awesome story!

  6. hahahah. i love how she choked. i hope he hugged her. what did he smell like? did you ask her?! i can't believe you met him!! next to JT, lance was my second favorite. mmm. i miss *nysnc. those were the days.
    the b was totally worth it.
    a b in broadcast journalism = an a+++ in brissa's book of freaking cool people.

  7. We both got a hug from him, but I don't recall what he smelled like. But I'm sure Ali does ;)

  8. I hugged Zac Hanson without permission...

  9. Keep on writing!

    Did Lance ever make it into space? What was the deal with that? Weird.

  10. He smelled like...

    Well... he smelled very clean.


  11. Wow, happy blogoversary! Seven years is quite impressive!! My little old blog is four this year, gotta start somewhere!

    I was really lucky last year to meet a couple of authors but no real celebrities. Which is good, because I do not do well with celebrities and musicians. I stare at my feet and mumble.

  12. Do I know that you met Lance?! I can't... I mean... IM SO JEALOUS!

    amazing :)

  13. Not sure why but I'm laughing so hard it's awesome. Thank you for making me happy today! :)

  14. Hehe, a very worthy blogiversary post! And seven years is nuts! You're such a pioneer of the internet age, hehe!

  15. OBVIOUSLY you made the right choice! I don't see you writing a blogoversary post about that Broadcast Journalism class.

    (and I'm jealous.)