Whitney, You Were A Gem

I always feel a little entitled when all of a sudden everyone cares about a dead celebrity that I always cared about. This is because I still blast Whitney while cruising the highway. I felt this way when Michael Jackson died, and suddenly every DJ deemed it necessary to play MJ songs, when before they would refuse (apparently death is the time to pay honor).

But Whitney has always been a part of my life. Undoubtedly one of the best voices in the world, this woman was a major part of my childhood. That nostalgia elevates her to idol status for me. We all have personal problems and vices, but I'll choose to remember Whitney for the way she commanded the stage by simply relying on her vocal chords.

And so, I give you a slice of my childhood: Every time I went to the Navy base to watch a movie, they would religiously play the National Anthem. They never switched it to any other rendition, because nobody could beat this performance:

Whitney, you were a true gem amidst the fakes and copies, and you will be missed.


  1. It is a little weird, "when all of a sudden everyone cares about a dead celebrity." Especially since Whitney tried a comeback not so long ago and it wasn't super successful.

    Since you legitimately loved her, I'm honestly sorry for your loss. But a lot of the media coverage makes me uncomfortable. I hope it ends quickly and she's allowed to rest in peace.

    {That Star Spangled Banner gives me goose bumps EVERY time I hear it!}

  2. Yup, another gem gone...crazy. She'll be greatly missed that's for sure. Her voice was stunning...no one ever comes close that!

  3. I'm with you here! My mum bought Whitney's first album and we've both been fans since then. I've always loved her and was heartbroken when she appeared all train-wrecked on the X Factor (the UK X Factor a couple of years ago). I wish this hadn't happened.

  4. Sigh. This is sad. We're losing all the greats.

    I love Whitney too. More of her 80s and early 90s music, than the newer stuff (although, I can't lie...'It's Not Right, But It's Okay' is one that I love too).