Favorite Thing Thursday

Yet another edition of my favorite things series:

1. Reading On the Beach

I realize how incredibly lucky I am to live so close to an awesome ocean, which provides the perfect chorus to a lazy reading day.

2. Awesome Stuff Made Outta Sand

At first glance, I thought this was a sand castle. As I inched closer I was pleasantly surprised to see a "beach bonfire."

3. Fruity Beers

Look, I tend to be a beer purist. But every now and again, my inner girl comes out and gets all giddy over fruity drinks. The drink above actually tastes like Banana Nut Bread--sure, it's a novelty, but it's also surprisingly good!

4. Accidentally Matching Your Friend

Once upon a time, when I was in a sorority, I used to match girls on purpose. Now, it's pure coincidence. How weird that we both showed up wearing pale pink and black. Ha.

5. Turkish Style Tea

Served in awesome glasses, Turkish tea is one of my faves. I think it truly rivals English tea!


  1. hey, next time you write one of these try not to make me jealous. i mean really, reading on the beach and matchy-matchy friend outfits? it's just not fair.

  2. hehehe...one day, you'll be a part of my favorite things post...come visit!!

  3. What does Turkish tea taste like? Is it stronger than English tea?

  4. Maybe about the same strength, if we're comparing English Breakfast with Turkish Cay. But in Turkey, they don't dilute it with milk or cream, so it ends up being a bit stronger :)

  5. My buddy and I ordered the Hef at Gordon Biersch a few years back and did not like the banana-flavoring of that.. Down with bananas! However, a lot of my friends and I are in agreement that the Blueberry Wheat at SD Brewing Company is amazeballs.

  6. I was dreaming about the beach today...and found myself Google mapping how many hours away from the beach I am, ha!

  7. Reading on the beach is the BEST, and Turkish tea does rival the English one if I may say so myself. ;)


  8. Accidentally matching your friends...

    Lisa and I did that the other day. She was in a brown track suit and I was in a brown top with boots... I looked at her and said "I guess today's the day to wear brown." Love it.

  9. I've never had Turkish tea, but in a glass that pretty it MUST be a wonderful experience!!

  10. Definitely a bit fan of Turkish tea too. I even picked up a tea set while I was in Istanbul.

  11. You are indeed fortunate to live by the ocean! I love that sand bonfire!! I have two sets of friends living in San Diego - they are both from Johannesburg, South Africa where I am from.

  12. I should have brought a Turkish tea set to New Zealand! I am not sure if I can find "Caydanlik" here :(

  13. Matched girls? I didn't know they came in sets? #bettercollectionthanstamps

  14. I love fruity beers too! Well, any sweet-tasting beer, really! Have tried honey beer, chocolate beer (YUM), apple beer..

    I need a drink now..