In the In Between

I'm applying to jobs here and there, and when I say here and there, I mean San Diego and (insert city name here). It's an interesting place to be.

An in between.

Like that space between the minutes before rush hour, and when rush hour actually hits, when everyone is anticipating the traffic to change, but it hasn’t changed quite yet. You can feel the molecules in the air shifting, because the knowledge of what is to come is looming ahead. Everything is just different.

That's where I am. Somewhere in between. But I like it. It means something is on the horizon.

I'm anticipating the change.


  1. what a good way to describe in between. i'm excited for you.

  2. This is probably a long shot but apply for jobs in MN! Or at least come for a visit!

  3. Felicia...not sure I could handle those winters!! But I'm always down for a visit :)

  4. I'm telling ya...OC could be also your place, depending on what you wanna do. And girl, next time I'm in SD I'll let ya know, okay?!
    May be soon...I need to go back! :D


  5. how exciting. everything happens for a reason..

  6. Good luck again! Austin would be so cool. It's #3 on my Top 5 next destinations list.