Favorite Thing Thursday

1. My New Favorite Scent

L'Eau de Chloe...hard for me to say (I SUCK at French), but smells ohhhhh-so-good. Maybe it's the notes of grapefruit and peach that give it a clean, summery feel. I'm officially obsessed.

2. Wasting Time at Cafes

I'm the epitome of Western Civilization: I adore my coffee, I take satisfaction in adorning myself in pretty little skirts and I love to read philosophy. What better place to accomplish these silly, privileged tasks than idly spending time at cafes? Hmmm...I may belong in France.

3. Sun-Bathing

Churro and I sun-bathe everyyyyy chance we get. Have you taken a little time to soak up the sun today?


  1. i wish it was warm enough to sun bathe out here. the sun is shining but it's still a little chilly for that kind of fun.

    1. Don't mean to brag, but it's been getting to the late 70s here :P

    2. The "late 70s"? So Ron Burgundy is the local news anchor? "Stay classy, San Diego!" Men are wearing leisure suits and gold chains, and the discos are popping? Dave Winfield is playing for the Padres, and Dan Fouts is with the Chargers? Wow! If its the late 70s in the SD, I'm there! But do I have to fly Braniff or Pan Am to get there?

    3. eh, you're just making fun because you were actually alive in the 70s.


    4. The 70s were awesome. Van Halen, CB radios, big hair, game shows, disco dancing, Star Wars, Trans Ams. No internet, cell phones, PDAs, or the like, so people TALKED to each other. In person. And we wrote letters, and read the newspaper. Come on, let's get in the hot tub time machine and go visit!

    5. I'll stick with loving the 90s and avoiding thw 70s with its turmoil from the Vietnam war, not to mention the HORRIBLE architecture and furniture...my least favorite decade for design!

  2. sunbathing sounds like bliss right now. too bad is 40 degree with pouring rain and blasting wind outside my window...


  3. Love love love this perfume!! Good choice girl. :)


    P.s. I tagged you on my blog.

  4. Are you KIDDING ME with that shirt on Churro? Ahhh. So cute!!

  5. hanging out in a cafe is never a waste of time heheh

  6. I heart all of these things too. Especially lingering at an outdoor cafe on a beautiful day (hey, that rhymes!). It's relaxing, easy and there's coffee involved (so naturally, that's a HUGE plus in my book).


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