10 Questions

This is from Selma:

1) Favorite Color: Purple ALL THE WAY.

2) Favorite Animal: Dogs...always and forever!

3) Favorite Number: 3, because I was born on March 3rd.

4) Favorite (non-adult) drink: A nice hot cup of hot black tea (so I can feel regal).

5) Facebook or Twitter? Facebook, I suppose.

6) Passion: Traveling all the ends of the earth.

7) Giving or receiving presents? Giving is much more fun, because I get to be creative (i.e. the one time I made my friend a drag queen doll out of a Ken doll).

8) Favorite Pattern: Stripes.

9) Favorite Day: Sunday, the easy-going day.

10) Favorite Flower: Daffodils, which happen to be in season right now!

If you want to play along, I tag:

Come on, let's all act like we're middle schoolers passing notes in class...you know you wanna ;)


  1. cheeeers on your favorite day. it's a rainy sunday here, i think it is my fave day also!

  2. Yay, on your favorite day! And heck it's been cold here!!!!
    Guess what?! It's so rare here in this community but I heard people talk Turkish! Can you imagine my excitement?! Heck yeah!!! :)


    1. Yay! Did you say something to them??

  3. Wow! Many of my gal pals love purple. Is there something about this color that attracts girls? Hmm...

    1. It's the other "girly" color other than pink, but not TOO girly, you know? :)

  4. I have a villanelle posted. Drop on by.

  5. Sure, I'll give this a go. Although I can tell you that flower question is going to trip me up. :)