Sup Playas?

This is what my coworkers like to say to each other each morning. I can't complain with the fantastic lot of people I get to work with. And the really great boss. Man, it's so nice to have a boss who knows what the heck he's doing. Who woulda thunk?

So far, my job has been a bit tiring, as I am now an advisor for students across the nation, which requires many phone calls. The most amusing of which was a French man who tried to get my cell number. I aksed him, "Um, yeah....well...are you interested in school, though?"

He replied, "But of course! But youuuu can call me for non buzzzinez tings!"

The French will be French, even through the phone.

In other news, I may a little absent from the internet this week, and next week I go to New York. SAY WHATTTT?!? However, I'll make my regular appearance soon on all of your blogs! Until next time, playas.


  1. Ahhhh! So excited you're headed to NYC and I'm also glad to hear the new job is fabuloso.

  2. Good to hear everything is going so well for you. ;)

    Be glad you don't work for me, bubbly attitudes don't mix well in my business. :p

  3. Yay for NYC! Have a blast!!!
    Hope I get to see you before I leave end of May...if not, let's shoot for August?!


    1. sure thing! I should be able to do May...

  4. Haha, zee French...

    Wishing you the best time in New York! Make sure you enjoy yourself constantly!

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  6. sup! have fun in new york!!!! kiss ryan gosling for me!

  7. he he... Frenchmen :-D

    Have a fantastic time in NYC! Please bring back photos, so we can live vicariously!

  8. How awesome that you like the people you work with - that's what makes a job, I think.

    Have a fantastic time in New York! I can't wait to read the "New York" post when you return.



  9. your blog is so adorable! following you on bloglovin now!

    Heather xx

  10. Ha ha, funny French! Enjoy yourself in New York x