I Want To Be A Part Of It (New York, Part 2)



As I've traveled to more places, my "Cities I'm Homesick Over" list has grown exponentially. New York has demanded it's way into a spot...

The second day started out with a fantastic meeting with Jillian, the blogger over at Coffee, Light and Sweet. Jillian is even more beautiful in person and super fun to talk to (with a cute east coast accent to boot). She was nice enough to come out or her lunch break, suggesting the delicious La Bonne Soupe where I had a crepe that truly rivaled the likes of cafes in Paris.


Thanks for coming out, Jillian!!

Then it was off to Rockefeller Plaza where Lainey and I signed up for an NBC Tour. Why not tourist it up?! 



Cupcakes from Magnolia Bakery were also in order. Since Sprinkles are my favorite ever, I knew I had to try the competition. My verdict? Magnolia icing is divine, but Sprinkles still takes the gold medal.

Because it was a bright and shiny day, we decided to catch the free ferry to Staten Island.


Once night time hit, we knew Times Square was the next stop.


Quite obviously, Times Square is the main tourist stop, as noted by the slow walkers and fanny packs--ha. I wouldn't recommend eating in Times Square (as the food is a mix of bland franchises), but a walk-through is most definitely fun, colorful and lively.


Sitting on the famed light-up stairs in Times Square.


Midget Iron Man here begged me to take a picture with him, then asked for tips. Uh, that's not the way it's done, buddy.


Of course, I'm still rather touristy is some respects, and insisted on sipping on a (strong) martini--When in New York!

Lastly, here's a video to show the movement of Times Square, in case you're curious (wink).



  1. Times Square is pretty kickass, until like you said, you realize everything is chains. You should try to travel to downtown Tokyo, it's like the whole city is Times Square, just more people and no fannypacks.

    1. hahaha! I've heard that, and I would LOVE to visit Japan!!

  2. Ah, fun times! It's nice that you got to meet up with a local too... meeting a few bloggers when I was in New York really made my experience of the place about three million times better!

  3. I feel so honored to make it on your blog post! And thank you for the lovely compliment. I see you went to Magnolia. I like them, I really do...but sometimes, they're a bit too sweet for my taste. I have to try Sprinkles to see how they compare.

    Love your photos! And I love seeing NY through someone else's eyes. It's always a different experience for everyone.

    1. :) Try the red velvet from Sprinkles. Not too sweet...just rich, moist goodness!

  4. Oh man, you and I are such opposites! New York was definitely NOT my flavor, though I did enjoy myself. I will say that it's a place everyone should visit once, but I doubt I'll be a regular visitor there. Simply too many people for me.

  5. I understand that. I can totally see how it would turn some people off. But I tend to love big cities for visiting. I like the liveliness and action. NY has plenty of that!!

  6. I wonder if NYC is more chaotic than Istanbul or less? :)

    1. WAYYYYYY less chaotic than Istanbul. hahahaha. America is still all about order. Turkey is more whatever, "let's park on the sidewalk." lol!

  7. i stopped reading at 30 rock. that's how jealous i was.
    ahhhh. i'm so glad you had a fun time.

  8. "slow walkers and fanny packs" indeed. But at least it gives you permission to walk around with your mouth hanging open while you stare in awe at all the lights. You don't even stick out!

  9. Oh yes, Times Square with the fake mascots and guys and their "free hugs" signs. Just not for dudes though... now I miss it! And Top of the Rock is so much better than Empire State for sure. I missed out on Magnolia, but there was another mini cupcake place near Grand Central that was delicious. I'll have to try Magnolia for myself next time!


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