New York: My Favorites, and Tips for Travelers


1. Bryant Park: Central Park is magical, of course, but there's something about Bryant Park that I liked the most. It's a little slice of serene green wedged in between a slew of tall buildings. I always found myself taking a breather in Bryant Park.


2. Top of the Rock: As in, top of the Rockefeller, which has 360-degree views of New York, without the huss-and-fuss of waiting in line for the Empire State Building. 


3. New York Pride: I love any place where the people love their stomping grounds. This trickles all the way down to babies in Yankee hats. It's charming, really. 


4. The Fierce Energy: It was contagious. New York is always go, go, go and it makes you want to really get moving! I'm pretty sure my procrastinating ways would be squashed here. 


  • Not sure what I was expecting, but I thought the buildings would be even bigger than they are. 
  • Furthermore, Manhattan is fairly small, mile-wise. 
  • Harlem is not as unsafe as everyone says. 
  • Cheesecake and Pizza really are better here. 
  • New York tap water is the nastiest in the US. I can easily assume this without going to every state.
  • Contrary to popular belief, New Yorkers are friendlier than people say. People often asked us if we needed help with the subway and directions. 
  • "Fuggedaboutit" is a phrase we heard quite often. Love it.  
Tips and Tricks: 
  • When visiting the museums, you'll notice there is a "Suggested" price for tickets. What this means is you can donate whatever you choose (I payed $5), instead of paying the full suggested price. 
  • Buy the unlimited subway pass, as it will save you moolah. 
  • Don't eat out in Times Square. Prices are doubled as this is the touristy part of NY. 
  • Download the Hopstop app on your phone, which gives you subway, bus and walking directions and makes it much easier to navigate the concrete jungle!
  • If you still have a student ID, you can try to get student rush tickets for Broadway shows. Lainey and I saw Mamma Mia for $30 through this trick (it's good to go the morning of the show and ask the ticket vendor). 
Favorite Restaurants and Bars: 
  • Lombardi's: Some of the best pizza I've ever had. (Located in Soho) 
  • Sip Sak: The most authentic Turkish Food I've had in the U.S. (Located in Upper East Side) 
  • Katz's Deli: BEST. SANDWICH. EVER. (Located in Lower East Side) 
  • bOb bar: A hoppin' bar, if you're tired of hearing techno, and want some straight-up 90's hip-hop in your life, this place is perrrrrrfect (with reasonable prices). (Located in Lower East Side)

New York is simply smashing! So get your butt over there...and if you do, I hope these tips and tricks fare you well. 


  1. Yeah, a lot of people assume a large population means a large land area. New York is very small compared to cities in the midwest and west.

  2. Go to the Sandra Cameron Dance Center or Dance Manhattan if you are into ballroom or salsa and swing.

    I agree, New Yorkers are very friendly; at least, they were to me.

    Did you go to the Met yet? Or the Guggenheim? I missed going to the Whitney.

    Did you try an Italian Ice? Might be good right now, especially if it's hot.

    1. I did go to the Met...it was HUGE. Just like the Lourve, I suppose.

  3. I changed the weblog address. I won't post it up here, but you can click my name. I have been going through a lot of stark contrasts lately.

  4. Hahah, that baby is giving you the side eye!