Mission: A Life Fulfilled

The other night I had a fabulous meal of gourmet pizza and fine wine, to where my satisfaction level was at an all time high. Maybe it's because the waiter kept filling my cup with Sangiovese. More likely, it was the great conversation with two of my dearest friends. From this talk, my smart therapist friend revealed her favorite question to ask people she is getting to know. This question, she said, says a lot about a person:

What is your greatest fear? 

A simple question that has a very telling answer. What she's heard before: I don't want to end up alone. I'm afraid I'm not good enough. I don't want to fail. 

After some contemplation, I knew exactly what my answer was. It's a theme that's been carried over throughout my blog, influencing some of my biggest life decisions.

I don't want to live an unfulfilling life.  

I don't want to look back one day and shake my head at my submission to fear. I want to make the scary decisions and follow through with them. 27 is certainly not old, but it's definitely an age where you take a look at what you've done and what you're wanting to accomplish, and you really start devising plans on how to bridge the gap. There's no time for lollygagging anymore.

There's life to be lived, and dreams to be attempted and that just won't happen by wishing on the north star.

Mission: A Life Fulfilled has commenced.


  1. I know this exact feeling. No more lollygagging! :)

  2. Wow. Those are much deeper fears than what pops into my mind. My biggest fear is heights, which I think is PERFECTLY legit and have no desire to overcome. After finishing a ropes course in 2007, I was asked by the outdoorsy gals who coached me through every (horrifying) step: "How do feel now that you've done it?!!" My simple reply: "I'm happy to be back on the ground."



    1. What is your deep fear, though? :) That's what we were trying to pinpoint.

  3. you are lovely, you won't live an unfulfilled life, don't worry :)

  4. Good for you. I think my greatest fear is loss of life goals. I am coming back around to them now.

  5. have to say girl, i know you really won't live an unfulfilled life. ever. not you. but it's certainly true that certain moments pop up and we question our moves and thoughts but trust me, whatever you're going to do it won't at all be unfulfilled!

  6. What a very powerful realization, I have a feeling I'll be asking myself that question a lot over the next few days as I try and answer it for myself.

  7. That is a really great answer! But I don't think that you ever have to worry about living an unfulfilled life- just reading your blog shows me that you're one to follow your dreams and take chances :)

    my biggest fear is dying haha- not much I can do about that one :p

  8. I am really scared of snakes a various creepy-crawlies, but if I had to give one answer, my greatest fear is the same as yours. The idea that I may one day look back and regret all the things I haven't done, all the places I haven't seen, all the things I didn't appreciate enough while I could... that's terrifying!

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  10. So, what does a fear of failure say? That's mine. Sort of. I wouldn't say I'm a failure, I've had many successes, but if I'm not able to leave a lasting mark (small or big) ... am I'm speaking mostly professionally here ... I'd chalk it up to failure. But then I still have a lot to do. I ramble. What does a fear of rambling, say? :)