New Blog Layout (Thanks to Blog Milk)

Like the new layout?

Be sure to visit blog milk shop if you fancy your own:

A sample of awesome templates that Ana has created...lovely!

I thought a new layout was imperative for a new start. Cheers!

P.S. One day I'll get back to semi-regular posting--but until I figure out VISA paperwork, navigate my way through a financial aid mess, participate in two weddings and get my stuff together (including my head)--posting may be rather sparse around here. You know I love you, though!


  1. It turned out lovely!!!! glad i could recommend ana, her layouts are the best i've found :) i'm already eying that neon one i think :)

  2. Loving it...am working on changing mine as well. It is time. :D

  3. Love it, new layout-new beginnings! Good luck with figuring everything out!

  4. I LOVE IT! So pretty, so simple.