All the Possibilities

A few months ago, I felt stuck. Do you remember my posts? I was in a job I hated, and my world seemed dreary and small.

It's funny how filling out a few forms can wildly change your circumstance. In the past month, I've filled out all the forms needed for a visa, and now I'm just waiting for the approval to pack up and move to the United Kingdom. If everything goes smoothly, I'll be there in just over a month. Filling out those forms helped realize the power I have to change my life if I so choose. With a pen and a smile, I've signed away for a new life.

I feel empowered.

Often times when I'm feeling stagnant, I find I'm spending too much time on the couch and not enough time in the world. Today, I got in the car for what was supposed to be just a grocery trip, but just kept driving instead. The wind was just right, and Death Cab for Cutie sang to me as I cruised by the bay. I stopped by the airport and watched the planes fly over my head, thinking about all the possibilities...

In a month, instead of taking off in my car, I'll be on a jet plane--still trying to seize all those possibilities. Because there's too much of the world to see to stay on that damn couch.


  1. :)Very inspiring post! It's important to remember that life doesn't happen on the couch!

  2. so very true, but girl, sometimes i need that couch, haha!! i'm so excited for you though.....I LOVE LONDON! maybe i can see you there, i have another friend to visit too!

  3. Very true! I need to get off the couch right now. Sometimes I feel like even though I'm doing interesting things on paper, I still spend too much time doing boring things. So make sure you don't sit on the couch in London (is it London? If so, you probably won't even have a couch... ) ; )

  4. chills.
    I'm so excited for you! What a beautiful post.

    {and it sounds like you had a pretty killer day!}

  5. Wow! That's pretty much all I got. Very happy and proud of you! <- That too.

  6. I love those drives...window down...the right music on the radio...perfection.

  7. You have a good point. Time to fill out more grad school apps for M.F.A.s!