Last Day @ Work

I thought the @ symbol in the title is quite appropriate, given the amount of e-mails I had to always sort through. I'm trading in e-mails for research papers and a BIG, FAT dissertation.

While some people may dread papers, I'm really excited to utilize my brain again, as answering loads of e-mails can be mindless work.

It's been 16 months working at my current university. It's been real. It's been a bit boring (truth). It's been fun (at times). And now, it's time to say adieu.


  1. ahhhhhhhhh. congratulations!!!! i'm so excited for you!! you're going to have the best time writing all those papers. i'm slightly jealous. three cheers for a new chapter!

  2. Ah, congrats, and may things be more fun and stimulating from now on! Also, regarding your question, I'll be back in Barcelona, but not until mid October. You're most welcome then... I can probably even offer you accommodation! :)

  3. Change is right around the corner... I think you meant "adieu", right?

    Looking forward to "following" you to London pretty soon. :-)


    1. I guess it it is adieu. Sometimes I get the two mixed up : )

  4. I guess the date is getting closer :) Hope you are still excited and happy about all the new stuff about to enter your life! (That smile on the pictures confirms my question!)

  5. I'm so excited...and it'll be good for you!!! Very good my dear!!

  6. You look so cute! ^^ What do you think if we followed eachother? Big Kiss

  7. yeahhhh for last days! that is awesome :) when are you leaving? babys due on the 24th but i'm crossing my fingers for TODAY. so done with being pregnant. ok bye!

  8. Time to shave that 'stache, homey.

    I want more pictures of London. Forthcoming, I know.