The Dove

There has got to be a trillion pubs in London--all down random alleys, on corners and even underground! Now, I don't intend to showcase all of them because pubs are becoming a commonplace thing, even for me (says the expat who has been living here for a whopping 2 weeks).

But...but...this pub is special. Originally from the seventeenth century and tucked between the River Thames and an alley, I could instantly feel the magic of this place as soon as I walked in.

Note the man that slipped into the photo. He then waved at me after I snapped it. 

Sneaky little pub that can only be entered through an alley.

There's something about worn stairs and faded bricks that really warms my heart, including an impressive fireplace that can do some actual warming. Furthermore, The Dove has some great history: it's survived a flood and served famous poets, authors and kings (and their mistresses).

 I particularly enjoyed the glass roof, undoubtedly perfect to sit under on a rainy day...

My new flatmate Alexa. When I met her, it was "Befriend a Ginger" Day, so, you know...I had to be nice.

Alexa and I decided we'd come back for some studying (yes, it's that peaceful). And of course, after studying, maybe a pint of London Pride.

The Dove can be found in Hammersmith very close to the Hammersmith Bridge Station.

The Dove
19 Upper Mall
W6 9TA


  1. And I believe I have actually been to this one. I have to wait and see if I wrote its name down but I believe I have. 456 years ago but I have. I visited London with my friend and a friend of hers lives in London and showed us his favorite spots. One of them was exactly such a pub...hmmm,...and even if it's not that one now I have a new one to discover!


  2. oh it looks super charming! and from the 17th century, how can you not feel magic from there?! i'd feel like i stumbled across a secret, and the seats by those open windows seem like prime people watching seats :)

  3. It looks like a lovely place! Peaceful and beautiful. I wouldn't mind stopping by there some time :)