Chillin' in Trondheim, Norway (Day One)

As I descended into Norway, I was honestly speechless for words about the kind of beauty before me. The snow covered trees looked like they were sketched in charcoal set against the wondrous mountains and rolling white hills. And it was all lit up with the soft glow of the setting sun.

Below is a quick shot of the airpot, but it still managed to be a beautiful picture!!!

Straight away from the airport, Sonja and I went grocery shopping for some local goodies:

This cart thingy really amused me...ha. 

But enough of carts. The show stopper in Norway is most definitely the snow. ALL AROUND. EVERYWHERE. I felt like I was in...heaven? The North Pole? This California girl has never seen a proper blanket of snow. Now, I think I am truly in love with it. 

My cute friend, Sonja! 

I chilled in Trondheim in two ways the first day: 

1. I took the morning to sleep in and lounge in Sonja's super warm and super nice apartment.
2. I walked outside and truly understood the notion of freezing one's ass off. 

A glimpse out of the bedroom window in the morning:

Sonja's pig radio that I dubbed Sir Francis Bacon. And honestly, Sonja's apartment is something straight out of IKEA: 

Norwegian apartments are as adorable as the people. There is simply too much adorable going on!

I asked Sonja (only half-jokingly) if I could live in her living room. But really. Can I, Sonja? 

I eventually peeled myself off of the couch to take a stroll outside...

That night, we went to a fancy hotel dinner close to the town center. 

To wrap up this first post, there was something quite special I found about being in Norway. Something I didn't expect. I spend so much time talking about my Turkish roots here, that I've neglected talking about my Scandinavian side. It's mostly because I don't know much about it, other than I have ancestors that lived both in Sweden and Finland...

Walking around Norway, I realized that I look immensely Scandinavian. I can't tell you the amount of times people talked Norwegian to me straight away, and it really made me smile. I thought to myself, "I found my people!" Which, of course, is a silly American thing to think (we're always talking about where our ancestors are from). Still, I felt it in my veins and it's undoubtedly cool to see where your family line stemmed from.


Of course, my next post on Norway has the best pictures. I just had to split it up because I took so many! Just know you are in for a treat next time *wink*


  1. I really enjoyed this post, I even had to read it twice! It's so nice to hear a foreigner talk about my country (and a city I lived in for 3 years) so warmly :) And you almost made me miss the cozyness of being inside a nice warm apartment when it's snowing outside! (With emphasis on NICE apartment haha) By the way, in that first picture of you, I had to look twice cause you look supersimilar to a friend of mine. I am so pleased you had a great time in Norway and look forward to hearing more!

    1. I didn't know what to really expect from Norway, except to visit my friend and see snow. But it is honestly in my top 5 favorite places now. I'm considering going back in the summer if I can find a good deal ;)

  2. You do look very Scandinavian, that's why I was surprised when you said you were part Turkish. And the snow I'd cute for like, one day. It's very different when you have to try to get to work or pretty much live a normal life in it, haha! You should visit MN when you return, it's very Scandinavian here!

  3. norway was one of my favorite trips for sure, i'm glad you like it!!

  4. Glad you had a fun time. And yay for snow!! Apparently it's been snowing like crazy in Switzerland. Not sure if I should be happy or sad about it. :)
    And yes, girl, you look Scandinavian - but not to the extreme. :) Hehe. And oh boy, now I really want to go to Norway and even Sweden...I have never been but heard so many good things about both places! All I know is both are very similar to Switzerland...so I would not fully feel "weird" there. lol


  5. Oh, Norway sounds and looks just amazing. How cool you got to vacation there for a little while! And yes, Sonja's apt looks like a spread in an IKEA magazine. LOVE!

  6. You are really good with that camera. I can't wait to see the "better" pictures, since these pictures really tell me such a wonderful story. Love it.

  7. I've never been to Norway, but it looks like fun so far! Scandinavians always seem to have nice apartments, and I love staying with real people in cold countries because it's always so lovely and warm in their flats. I can't believe you'd never really seen a blanket of snow before though!

    1. I know, I know. But hey dude, you're canadian and I'm californian! I mean, that explains a lot right there!

  8. For some reason I really, really, really, really, really like European product packaging.

  9. You can come live in my livingroom any time you want Ash :)

    - Sonja