Favorite Thing Thursday

Hello Friends! In the spirit of being grateful, here is a list of my favorite things:

1. Skyping With Friends

This has been a saving grace while being on the other side of the planet! To see my loved ones using one click of a button, this makes my heart so very happy. Oh and the morning monsters (seen above) are happy about this too. Ha! 

2. Garnier B.B. Cream 

I'm not usually a foundation girl, so this lightweight stuff is a no-hassle way for me to look a little prettier in the morning. Ugh. I hate mornings. Anyway, it hasn't made me break out yet, and it feels like nothin'! That's my kind of product. 

3. Norway

I suppose it's not a 'favorite thing' of mine just yet. But, today I'm off to Norway! This will be my first international trip while living in London. Apparently I am showing up right when the first snow of the season is expected. Ha! This California girl is probably in for a shock! With that, I'll be back next week! Have the best weekend...continue to be grateful for your life, k? 


  1. Good luck with the snow, haha! But Trondheim is seriously beautiful with that white blanket on. I am looking forward to/hope for photos! Enjoooy! :)

  2. Have fun in Norway!!! I'm so jealous you get to enjoy some winter now....have a blast!!!

  3. have fun in norway! --said in norweigan accent! i totally misspelled that, right?
    and i've several drugstore bb cream reviews on le olde blogge--said in english accent.

  4. Have fun. Still love the morning monster.