Perfectly Acceptable Ashley

Oh geeeez. Haven't done one of these posts in awhile, and that is so not acceptable!

But here's what is acceptable:

  • to gawk at beautifully-dressed British men on the tube. I'm just not used to seeing so many good looking blokes all around, and with such style! While American guys* will default to camouflage pants to prove their masculinity, British men just have it. I really must stop staring

  • to adopt the word "bum fluff" into my vocabulary. It's my new favorite word and will forever replace its less-inspired synonym, peach fuzz. 

  • to eat the whole tub of Nutella in one sitting and not feel one ounce of guilt (while also not leaving one ounce behind).

  • to decide that dinner is going to be "a bowl of cereal and a margarita," as professed by Miss Ruby Slippers herself. Em...that is a perfectly acceptable dinner, if I do say so myself! 

* Before the American boys reading this get all huffy, there are some of you that have style. But as a whole (and a pretty accurate generalization), Americans can learn a thing or two from British flair! 


  1. I, as an American guy, can hardly get huffy. While I do not own any camouflage pants (or any camouflage clothing for that matter), most of my shirts are from concerts and I buy my jeans at a grocery store.

    1. hehe! I can't get too mad at concert t-shirts; in fact, I might prefer them sometimes : )

  2. haha while also not leaving an ounce behind- awesome line. and i'd never feel guilty about the nutella either! how could something so good be bad for you, please.

  3. Love that you're already using some Brit lingo! :) LOL blokes and bum fluff...keep going and teach us a lesson or two. ;)

    And yes, for such a fantastic dinner! I'd have it every day. ;)

  4. Ha! I missed this one. :) And yes to perving on people on the tube!

  5. One of my knitting buddies used to eat a jar of Nutella a day when she was studying abroad in France.

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