The [BADASS] British Museum

If you are a museum lover, the British Museum is honestly one of the most BADASS museums I have been to. I honestly wasn't planning on taking pictures, but just could not resist when I got to these exhibits:

This. This is an actual mummified body from Egypt. I stared at this thing for a good 10 minutes because I'm a little morose like that. 

On an ancient Persian wall. 

Weapons!!! Swords!!! Spears!!! I'm obsessed. 

The first known mosaic of Jesus Christ. 

The old Christian symbol.

Besides mummies and weapons, old jewelry is the other thing that I can stare at for hours. I feel as though these pieces are maybe the most personal things you can find in the museum. It's almost as though a little bit of someone's soul is trapped in the object; thus, I am entranced. God, I love history! 

This is the same museum that "owns" the Parthenon Marbles, also known as the Elgin Marbles. Of course, this is an interesting controversy as Greece has asked for the marbles back, but the British have sort of a 'finders, keepers' mentality about it all. There was even a plaque up explaining, in a very politically spun way, that if the British hadn't taken the marbles they may have been eroded, vandalized and destroyed. In a conservation effort, they say, they had to take and keep the valuable pieces. 

Ok, fair enough, I suppose. But maybe it's time to give it back? 

What do you think? 


  1. that doesn't seem right, the country of origin asking for it back and us saying no. just seems pretty bad taste really. i love it there, haven't been for a couple of years, last time i went there was a fire alarm and i had to leave early sadly

  2. I think these are as much part of the world's irreplaceable history as Greece's. If the museum gave these relics back to Greece in its current political and economic climate, I'm afraid either they would be allowed to deteriorate or be vandalized for lack of funds, or be sold piece by piece to raise funds. But sometime down the road I agree there should be a discussion about their return. Interesting issue.

  3. I'm with Chris. Now isn't the time to give them back to Greece. I'm fairly certain they'd just be sold off to the highest bidder. Maybe when Greece get's their shit back together

  4. Those are incredible pictures. When I was at the Met in NY I took all sorts of pictures of Ancient Roman scultures and Greek artifacts such as Spartan armors and shields. They also had complete Egyptian burial tombs that you could walk inside of and come out the other side.

    And yes, finder's keepers is a lame excuse to keep someone else's property. It's their work; if they choose to sell it off, it is their right and not England's.

  5. Yeah well, it was time to give it back a long time ago... but I guess that's not happening. Having said that, I absolutely love the British Museum; it was right down the road from my university and I loved popping in just to see one or two things.

    Also, you should come to Barcelona sooner rather than later. That's not a threat or anything, but I'm not sure how long I'll be here. Although I say that every year so it's perfectly possible I will be here in the spring, ha. You can probably stay with me if we can organize a time when other people aren't descending on the place. :)

  6. Ahhh, the British Museum. It looked absolutely fascinating in the Mummy Returns. :-P

  7. Those are not the Elgin Marbles.

  8. Whenever I'm in London (sounds as if I'm there once a month - I wish!) I go to this museum. It's a must!! Then again, I'm a total nerd and love museums... ;0