Perfectly Acceptable Ashley

It's sooo aceeptable:

  • to put off writing research papers for just one more episode of Arrested Development. George Michael is my favorite! Annyong. 

  • to overdose on coffee and tea in order to write those damn research papers. 

  • to find out that overdosing on caffeine actually makes me extremely ADD and hinders my ability to write papers; thus, I have nothing to show in the way of progress. Doh! 

Caught red handed, and extremely wired! 


  1. I love arrested Development. That is always an acceptable reason not to write a paper. Hey Brother...

  2. ok so try drinking beer and writing the paper! that always helped me, haha :)

  3. Bob is always trying to get me into Arrested Development. I've seen a few and while I think they eps are hilarious, I just can't get addicted to ANOTHER show, so I try to stay away. Good luck with those papers, girl!

  4. Hahaha whoops! :) Haha, good luck with that paper!

  5. arrested development is ALWAYS a good reason to put off papers. always.

    it's as ann and the nose on plain's face.
    also, mayonegg.

  6. Yup to overdose on tea and coffee is perfectly acceptable. ;)