Punch Brothers, My New Love

I'll make this short, because talking about concerts never does them actual justice.

If you like blue grass mixed with classical, check out Punch Brothers! They'll be touring the States very soon, and it's sooooooo worth a ticket. Simply, it is now in my top 5 favorite concerts. And if you are wondering what instruments you're seeing, there is the mandolin, fiddle, guitar, bass and banjo. Genius!

Also, sorry for the blurry video, but Chris Thile playing Bach on the mandolin is well worth a listen!


The band was nice enough to talk to fans after the show, and Chris even took a picture with a gushingly happy Mel...

This was one of my best nights in London: red wine in a plastic cup and beautiful, beautiful sounds to uplift my soul...ahhhhh...


  1. ooo i'm liking the sound of red wine in plastic cups! and i dont have speakers at work but im def going to give this a listen later. i like the sound of all those instruments together

  2. aw that sounds SO lovely. for real.

  3. i remember seeing these on jools holland, nice one