2012, A Good Traveling Year

I'm pretty proud of my travels this year, and thought I would recap the great places I saw:

January brought me to San Antonio and Austin, Texas to have some fun with my lovely friend Andres. San Antonio was laid back and family-oriented...

Visiting smiley Andy! Looking at this picture, I realize how pale I've become by living in London. 
But I digress...

San Antonio put me at ease, but I was majorly charmed by Austin--the liberal, southern (oxymoron?) city that flirts with you something fierce the moment you step foot in it. This might have to do with the live music you hear 'round every corner, or the quirky buildings and murals you find walking down the street...or maybe it's that Southern hospitality? Who knows? I still love Austin.

After coming back to a job that was sucking me dry in the early spring, I eventually landed a new job in April, as well taking a little vacay to none other than the irrefutably great city, NEW YORK. April was a great month...

I was lucky enough to bum around the city with then-roommate Lainey. 

Two weddings in the summer kept me in San Diego, until, as you know...I went to LONDON in September! Um, to live. Not to visit. 

Going away cupcakes from my dear friend Bethany. Aren't they precious? Ain't nothin' beats Sprinkles cupcakes!

I wasted no time in traveling plans, and late September found me in Oxford...

And after a bit of school and settling around London, October brought another great trip my way. Norway!! Which stole my heart and surprised me with its beauty.

The last trip of the year, in November, was Portugal... 

Portugal was quite the feel-good trip, filled with endless drinks and sunshine. 

This traveling year has been fantastic! I went to 6 places I had never been before. Aaaaaand, I have a sneaky suspicion that 2013 will be an even better traveling year (wink). 

With that, I have a few more days in London before I jet back to San Diego for Christmas. I'll make sure to blog there, too...but I may not be around for a week. 

Cheers to traveling! 


  1. whoa there, you've been around this year for sho! that's some miles you've put in. you don't look pale at all though, not that pale is bad mind you. i'm off to orlando in january and driving to new orleans too

  2. Voohoo fabulous! And I am really enjoying reading all about it. Have a nice trip back home!

  3. Oh, no mention of meeting me in New York??

    *cries tears of unfathomable sadness*

    But seriously, you've done more travel this year than I have done in my entire life. I should probably get around to getting a passport...

    1. Only your own blog post would do you justice, Frank. If I "mention" you with all these places I've visited, you would clearly steal the spotlight of this post. And we can't have that.

  4. Six places you haven't been to in one year?! Clearly, you've had quite the year!

  5. can't wait for you to see switzerland!

  6. you had a fun-filled 2012. let's hope 2013 will be as awesome. cannot wait to see you soon as well. haha. krystal and i get to meet again, too. :)


  7. What a crazy year you've had - especially MOVING TO LONDON! So excited to see where 2013 takes you - literally!

  8. dang, you've done even more traveling than me this year. What a fabulous year for trips and the experiences they bring.