Favorite Thing Thursday

Should I start calling it Favourite Thing Thursday? I'm starting to embrace those unnecessary u's. Anyway, here are a few of my favorite things:

1. Having an Excuse to Buy Cute Hats/Headband Thingies

The truth is, I NEED these hats. You know you live in a cold climate when it's necessary to wear things on your head to stay warm!

2. German Dude Singing "Country Roads" at a London Christmas Market

There is nothing better than hearing a German dude and a group of Londoners belting out that they want to go home to West Virginia. With a techno beat, no less. And don't you just love his neon green headband? 

3. Booking trips to San Diego, Switzerland, Budapest and Barcelona


Whew! That's right. I'm going home for the holidays (yay!) and right when I come back to London in January, I'll be jetting off to quite a few fun locations (while also meeting some bloggers...stoked!). January is going to be a GREAT month. 


  1. You are certainly living to the fullest this year in London, jetting all over Europe :) I'm already looking forward to reading all about it. A shame I am not in Barcelona anymore!

  2. it's blooming freezing isn't it! i have 4 layers on as we speak. thanks for the comment, hopefully people like them

  3. I am jealous about all you traveling :)

  4. Yayy to # 3! Don't worry, I'm already planning an itinerary of brunch and chocolate! I'm in the UK at the moment and it is kind of chilly... I'm off to buy gloves this afternoon and may need to pick up a head thing as well!

  5. haha #2! Have they even heard of WVA? I love it.

    1. You'd be surprised at how much the British know about states!!