London Calling

Confession: I was a little worried about coming home. I've made so much progress in London building a new life and settling in, and I thought going home might shake that new life up in a bad way. I thought seeing old friends would make me yearn to live in California again. I thought being in the sunshine would seal the deal of wanting to stay in my bright, happy hometown.

But something odd came over me as I descended into the San Diego airport. I greeted my lovely parents and walked past everything that was too familiar. I glanced at the city skyline; although beautiful, it was unimpressive as I had seen it too many times before. 

Coming home for the holidays is the best decision I made because it reminds me that I'm not ready to be home yet. London is a'calling and I can't wait to go back and live my life there. I've still got that exploring bug, and it's not leaving anytime soon.

I have about nine more days left in San Diego, to which I will live up to the max with my dearest buddies. Then, happily pack my bags and jump on the next flight towards my new home. 


  1. be careful, it's been 3 years and i can't wait to get back here!

  2. you're so cool. your life is neat and i'm so, SO glad you are happy. eat a 50/50 for me :)

  3. Hmm, yeah, then there's the reverse disappointment when you find yourself in London and it's January! (Merry Christmas from the Grinch). ;)
    Seriously though, I know just what you mean. Landing in Vancouver is always totally weird for me. It always seems to be green and grey in a different way from everywhere else and so flat...

    1. I've been warned about January. Hence, 3 trips are booked that month. HA!

  4. Great that you love your new life so much. It would be bad if you'd want to stay in the US and not come back for the rest of it! Happy for you! Now that you got that figured out you just need to enjoy every minute of home, and then come back for more adventures! Enjoy!

  5. At the very least you can partake in proper American breakfasts in San Diego without fried tomatoes or baked beans.

  6. I know the feeling...in both directions. ;)
    Enjoy San Diego and bring some sunshine to Europe, thank you!! :)

    Happy Holidays.


  7. This post makes me smile. :) This year end proved to be a lot to handle and I seemed to have dropped off the social media planet. Rejoining is proving to be difficult, but I wanted to drop in and say I hope you had a wonderful holiday and wish you the very best new year. Cheers to you! Live it well.

    - Donny