A Romantical Time in Bath, United Kingdom

Bath is quite the romantic destination. You and your love can soak in the relaxing spa filled with water from the local hot springs, hold hands as you gaze at the gorgeous buildings gracefully placed between green rolling hills and have amazing meals by candlelight in tucked away restaurants.

Of course, I took this "romantic" vacation with my friend Laura, and we laughed at all the couples surrounding us. "Oh well, we'll just go visit the Jane Austen museum to make up for it!" We said.

The manor Laura and I stayed in. 

In all seriousness, Bath is great for families, singles, couples and any wanderer who fancies a bit of beauty and history. I was oh-so-charmed by Bath. 

I think a lot of that charm has to do with its past. Bath was taken over by the Romans, who figured out that there were healing hot springs in the area and built an elaborate spa around the springs, full with drainage and clever architecture. 

 Above: A Celtic sun the Romans had commissioned by a local. Below: Curses on thieves (from things stolen in the spa) scribbled on pieces of led and offered up to the gods. 

 Of course, I'm always in heaven in these ancient places, constantly running my hands over the old stones and imagining who has done the same throughout the centuries.  
That night, a very famished duo decided to dine at a recommended Nepalese restaurant; and now, I must recommend it to you! If you visit Bath, this is a must see...um, eat! 

We ate on the floor (in style) and ordered a chicken curry dish that was OUT OF THIS WORLD DELICIOUS! Please do yourself a great service and eat here!

And don't forget to order a hot rum punch. Nuff said. 

The next day we had a Jane Austen moment, and visited an information centre on the novelist's life, as she resided in Bath for about 5 years. We also couldn't resist playing dress up. Girls will be girls...

Well said, Jane. I think I have a new affection for Bath. Romantical affection indeed.


  1. Bath looks amazing - literary tourism combined with relaxing spas seems like a winning combination to me! And I'm always happy for an excuse to throw on a bonnet too :) Just after stumbling upon your lovely blog too and I'm an instant fan...happy belated blogiversary :)

  2. Such an aptly named city!

    Looks like fun!

  3. Replies
    1. Not in the roman ones, since that is a museum and all ;)

      But we did soak in the nearby spa!

  4. I love to see this. I had no idea what Bath looked like. It's the scene for parts of almost every jane austen book so I've always imagined it. That's cool that you were able to go to a jane austen museum too.

  5. so you're recommending bath then? we were going to go one time but decided to go to wales instead. it looks like there's actually quite a few things to do there

    1. Yes! There's good shopping too. I'd recommend Bath for a relaxing weekend...there's good stuff there. The local spa is FANTASTIC and everyone needs to go, as it uses hot spring water.

  6. This all looks so beautiful and interesting! I might have to go there some day :)

  7. You take such great pictures that tell the story for you. Playing catch up here, homey...