Around London Town

What I've been up to in dreary ol' London! 

 I've been visiting lots of cafes. The picture above was taken at Ginger & White, a cafe in Hampstead that serves GREAT coffee and delicious (not over-sugared) muffins and pastries. 

 No visit to England is complete without a Sunday Roast. You can order chicken or beef (and pork too, I think?). It's a family affair, and nearly every pub serves it. It's also a good hangover cure...I hear...ahem. 

 Hanging out with the English folk.

 I'm convinced that England is haunted. 

Making new (stylish) friends. 

 Celebrating Laura's 29th. 

 Frenchman Emmanuel pointed to this mustard bottle and smiled at the name. We were at an American diner and you don't usually see this brand around. I call this photograph "Two French Things." 

 The River Thames! 

 My fave. 

 Above and Below: Pictures of Richmond Park, the biggest park in London and walking distance from my place. All so I can frolick to my heart's content. 

We went to afternoon tea and I was highly amused by the grabby-hand tongs. I really fancy a pair, but would probably end up using them inappropriately ALL THE TIME. "I didn't grab your ass, it was the tongs!" 


  1. Haha, I love those grabby-hand tongs (and your comment!) The park looks lovely!

  2. My uncle used to chase us around the house with tongs, threatening to pinch our butts with them. In fact, for awhile whenever he got a new pair, he would call them "butt-pinchers" instead of tongs.

  3. I recall being very surprised at the quality of restaurants and other food available in London. All my life I'd heard about "English cooking" being so awful. But nearly every night of my two week visit I had a really great meal at a really great restaurant. Really! Looks like that's what you're finding.

  4. I just love that you said you fancy a pair. How very british of you. Please say what's up to someone today, just for me.

  5. Great update girl. ;) Haha, really? you had to go to an American diner? Hahaha! :)
    It's warming up here (finally) so I'm sending some warm temps over. ;)


  6. You are so darling, Ashley. I'm not kidding.

  7. always lots to do in ldn. i see french's all the time you know, i buy the tesco version mind, i'm not made of money!

  8. I like that you say "I fancy" now. That's awresome.

  9. Two French Things. Amazing.