Conversations With English Flatmates (Volume 1)

Me: That bowl has been sitting in the sink for a long time and no one has claimed it!
Flatmate: Which bowl?
Me: That bowl!  *points to huge bowl in sink* I guess someone made a cake, then never washed it?
Flatmate: *laughs* Ashley, that's the Washing Up Bowl.
Me: Whaaaat?!? Why don't you just use the SINK? I guess that makes sense why it's been sitting there.

(later it was acknowledged by all that the Washing Up Bowl is complete nonsense, and just using the sink is better. Although, they still use the bowl because it's tradition).


Flamate: What kind of tea do you like?
Me: Earl Grey.
Flatmate: Me too, even though it's considered the posh tea.
Me: Yeah, I've heard that before. Why is that?
Flatmate: I don't know, because an Earl drank it.
Me: Oh! THAT MAKES SENSE. He had the title of Earl. I just thought his first name was Earl and his last name was Grey!
Flatmate: *slaps forehead*

*these are real conversations between me and my English flatmates. And the fact that I say "flatmates" instead of roommates means they're getting to me!


  1. hahaha, please post more of these. This is hilarious! Have you ever seen downton abbey? This reminds me of when the american grandmother came and was like why do you do this, why do you do this, and pointed out they do many things because of tradition, even though times have changed and they don't need to do it that way anymore.

  2. Requested future topics: 1. Why no central heat? Space heaters just don't do it. 2. Why separate faucets for hot and cold water? And why must cold be just melted glacier cold, and hot be scalding, just taken out of the radiator hot? Talk amongst yourselves.

  3. Wait, they keep a bowl in the sink to wash dishes?!? That makes zero sense.

  4. The washing up bowl... that is so funny. Laughing at my computer screen!

  5. Ha, my family in Canada has a bowl in the sink... actually a tub I think you'll find! I like it because you can have hot water for the dishes but still pour cold water out of the tap without getting it in the hot water.

    But YES! to Chris R.'s comment. WHY two taps for hot and cold and why must both temperatures be enough to peel your skin off? Also, why are they obsessed (OBSESSED!) with fire safety to the extent that my flatmate used to not only turn the TV off at the wall, but also unplug it. Seriously!

  6. Hold it, where's the 'like' button?