Around London Town (Where I'm Living in London)

So you know that I live in London, but do you know WHERE in London? Obviously, I'm about to spill the beans...

I'm lucky to live in a lovely little area called Richmond, close to the river and complete with my very own garden (the best part!):

Oh HOW I adore my garden! 

Just down the road from me are about a GAZILLION patisseries. I think I'm about to gain 10 pounds.

A small glimpse of my room. The owl's name is Sir William Bedfellow--fitting, I think. 

Not much to say, just wanted to show a bit of my new neighborhood that I've already grown to adore!


  1. Love that little owl!! Very cute!

  2. Umm can I come live with you? These pictures are like what you imagine london to be like. It's true!

  3. Loving it. And that owl pillow is the cutest! :)

  4. Gasp! Where did you get that cute owl pillow?? ...I'm about to Google "owl pillow" right now. :-)


  5. So lucky to have a garden. It looks lovely!

  6. It looks so very English, and not crowded mid-London :) no problem understanding you love it! And a garden, now that's a treat. Enjoy!